ISO 20000 certification

August 25th, 2014

We are excited to announce LightEdge has obtained ISO 20000 certification! Successfully completing the first International Standard for IT Service Management is a significant competitive differentiator for LightEdge in the IT services industry. The process to become ISO 20000 certified entailed multiple audits, constant reviews and continual improvements to stay current on the highest standards of service in the industry.

ISO 20000 certification shows our customers that we take the management of their Cloud and Managed Services as seriously as they do. Because of the alignment with the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, ISO 20000 is an effective way for us to demonstrate to our clients that we have a comprehensive plan for a Service Management System that includes evidence-based benchmarks to constantly improve the delivery of our services. This not only reduces risk and improves confidence for our clients through the ability to identify and quickly respond to their needs, but also ensures consistent delivery of our Managed Services, along with utilizing resources effectively and efficiently from a corporate perspective.

“Completing the ISO 20000 certification continues to set us apart from the competition, and demonstrates to our customers and future clients that we are at the forefront of IT governance best practices.” said Jake Gibson, Vice President of Customer Operations for LightEdge Solutions.

5 Reasons to Store Your Data in the Midwest

August 20th, 2014

The Midwest is not only the United States’ largest producer of corn, home to a state fair that was featured in the New York Times Bestseller, “1,000 Places To See Before You Die”, and the birth place of Twinkies, but so much more. It has been attracting a considerable amount of attention in the technology industry lately. Due to its premier location, it has been flagged as one of the best locations to store your company’s vital information. Here are our top five reasons why the Midwest is heads and tails above the rest when it comes to data centers.

  1. Low power costs – Unlike the coasts, the Midwest has become extremely progressive in both energy production and distribution. According to a recent Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL) study, electricity costs around 1.4 cents per kilowatt hour in the Midwest versus 4.5 cents in California and Connecticut. Two of the primary states where LightEdge has constructed facilities have soared in the power arena because of their low operating and utility costs.


    Iowa, home of LightEdge’s flagship data center, possesses some of the least expensive power in the US, and ranks second in the nation for harnessing wind energy with over 20% of its energy created through green resources*.
    *The Gazette, August 15, 2012

    In Missouri, where our newest facility resides in SubTropolis Technology Center’s underground mines, we get the benefit of tapping into Kansas City Power & Light’s utility costs that are also some of the lowest in the country. Kansas City, specifically, was ranked #2 in the US for enterprise data center operating affordability.

  2. Risk-free location – The majority of the central US has zero hurricane hazard and very low seismic risk in comparison to either coasts’ high risk of natural disasters or manmade destruction from terror threats. The Greater Kansas City area itself has been consistently ranked as one of the best for constant, uninterrupted power service, so the chances of an energy blackout are minimal. The area has also been considered to have one of the world’s most advanced telecommunications networks, which makes it a focal point for both long-haul and transcontinental fiber networks. You don’t want to chance leaving the foundation of your business vulnerable to a disaster.


  1. Easily accessible – When travel time is being taken into account, you can’t get more centrally located than the Midwest. Businesses on the East and West coasts can take advantage of its location by commuting effortlessly from anywhere in the Continental US. Storing your data here means you’re nearby major Interstates like I-80 or I-35, or only a mere 3-4 hour flight away from the Midwest at even the farthest points in the country if you prefer to travel via airplane.

  1. Large talent pool – Often referred to as the “Silicon Prairie”, the region is rich with a highly educated and skilled technology labor force with that famous “Midwestern work ethic”. It’s a great draw to the labor force because of the drastically lower costs of living than on either coast, and boasts wonderful opportunities for technical education and training. You want the peace of mind knowing that your crucial data lies in the hands of the best and brightest around.

  1. Growth potential – Cities all across the Midwest have been named major up and coming areas to settle down, expand your career and raise a family. The area is also seeing a large number of technology companies (and data centers) migrate in and plant their roots. LightEdge is proud to say we were the first to build a facility in Altoona, Iowa, and have since been followed by the likes of Google, Microsoft and Facebook as the area turns into a data center mecca.

As you consider your options for colocation, we encourage you to explore the heartland for the security, reliability and growth potential your business depends on to continue raising the bar.

LightEdge Technical Boot Camp

August 7th, 2014

Last month a group of LightEdge employees completed our NEW Technical Boot Camp! Each participant in the program was a new hire for the Client Install Group (CIG) or Network Operations Center (NOC) team and underwent an extensive 2 ½ weeks of training where they learned how to both configure and troubleshoot many of LightEdge’s technologies. The first week consisted of classroom trainings led by a variety of our senior employees. Here, they were introduced to basic concepts, procedures and technologies and learned about LightEdge partner products. The following week was an in-depth lab experience where they worked with the CIG and NOC teams to receive hands-on experience on how to implement and troubleshoot network, cloud, security, backup & storage and voice technologies.

As LightEdge continues to grow we are looking forward to future training events! Congratulations to the first group who completed this training!




Website updates!

July 28th, 2014

We recently added new content to our website making it easy to access everything you need to know about LightEdge! Here’s a breakdown of what you can now find throughout our site.


Learn about our Data Center, Disaster Recovery, Enterprise Cloud, Network & Voice, and Professional Services offerings, and download specifics on a range of our products at  Throughout the site, you will find customer and employee testimonials sharing firsthand experiences with LightEdge Solutions and our experienced team. Check out an example and read what KVC has to say about us below.


Gain access to LightEdge Support through the MyLightEdge Portal, and use our support page to access all Business Support contact information.  This can be found on the right hand header of every page on the website.


The “About” section is home to our latest press releases, news article features and all upcoming events we’re hosting or attending. Want to go even deeper behind the scenes of LightEdge? Learn about our Executive staff, the LightEdge Network, our Network Operations Center or our company culture.

If you’re interested in scoping out LightEdge’s social media presence, you can find links to all of our pages for LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. You can also read about the latest industry trends, company achievements and news on our company blog.

Other site highlights

  • See photos of our newest underground Data Center in Kansas City and check out a video time lapse of the construction of the facility.
  • In a completely staff run program, the employees of LightEdge Solutions have steadily grown a program of charitable donation and community involvement that has not only helped a variety of worthy causes, but also strengthened the personal and work relationships of all the participants.See our latest community involvement projects here.
  • At LightEdge, we offer our employees a unique and fun work environment. We are currently expanding our staff in both the Des Moines and Kansas City markets, so check out the list of open positions on our careers page if you think you might be a great addition to our team.

Can’t find what you’re looking for online? Reach out to a member of our sales team at 1-877-771-3343 or head to our Contact page for information on specific locations.

LightEdge Gives Back

July 17th, 2014

The team at LightEdge has always been passionate about giving back to the communities we are a part of, with a special emphasis on charities that benefit children in need. This love for volunteering has spread so rapidly throughout our organization that members of our staff created a charitable committee dedicated to researching and organizing opportunities for LightEdge to get involved.

Jody Emberton, Chairwoman of the committee and Sr. Client Architect – Voice, is proud of the giving nature of our employees and dedicated to continuing this tradition. “LightEdge gives us the unique opportunity to volunteer at work and give back locally. It is important to me to work for a company where this is a priority. Any time you can help someone else out, it is a good thing! It is also a great chance to work together as a team apart from our jobs, in a different way than we’re used to. It unites us all for a common cause, and builds camaraderie,” Emberton explained.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure to assist a variety of worthy causes throughout the Midwest ranging from Big Brothers Big Sisters to Children’s Cancer Connection to Sleepyhead Beds and the local Food Banks. We have noticed some amazing things result from these experiences. Not only are we bettering the lives of those we’re striving to help, but it’s also had a major impact on the employees who donate their time. Deep bonds have been created, resulting in strengthened professional relationships amongst departments and improved personal relationships when they share these experiences with friends and family.

For those who may not have an outlet to get involved at the office but want to help out, visit to learn about local opportunities that pair your specific passions with nonprofits in need.

Enjoy some photos of our team taken earlier this week at the Child Development Center flower bed we adopted at Easter Seals Iowa. This is our third year caring for the garden, and the transformation has been unbelievable for all involved!

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