With three decades of expertise in telecommunications and technology, Jim Masterson brings extensive leadership, insight, and passion to his role as Chief Executive Officer at LightEdge. Prior to joining the company back in 2004, Jim held several founding executive positions in some of the most successful and respected companies in telecom and tech at the time, including Rhythms NetConnections, USWest !nterprise Data Networking, and USInternetworking.

His vast experience has provided a deep understanding of and incredible foresight into major trends in wire line and wireless telecommunications, managed services, hybrid hosting, and colocation. After successfully raising new capital and executing on a fresh vision and course for the organization two decades ago, Jim was able to establish LightEdge as the company you know today – a pioneer in compliant cloud and colocation, headquartered in the Midwest.

When Jim isn’t busy working, he is passionate about his faith and physical fitness. He enjoys cycling, resistance training, snow shoeing, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. This has led to concepts like “locker room leadership” and team building that he applies every day with his LightEdge team. Jim was awarded the Technology Association of Iowa’s Prometheus Award for CEO of the Year in 2019. Additionally, Jim is a founding member of the Whitworth University Leadership Institute advisory board and serves on the Technology Association of Iowa’s Board of Directors.