The Living Farms Cross Country Race is a 7 Mile Cross Country race that is held every year and heralded as the Biggest Cross Country Race in North America.   Team Lightedge arrived at the race bright and early at 7:30 AM.  As we stood out in the 27 Degree Weather (local forecasts said it felt like 18 Degrees), we were all amused by the numerous costumes and the lack of clothing present.  The race started at 9:00 AM, and it was a very slow start.   There were so many people, we were forced to walk the first 10 minutes until the runners spread out enough in order for us to officially “run” the race.   We all had a great time darting through the open fields and enjoyed the small bit of sunshine that unexpectedly made its way through the clouds.   4 miles in and about as many creek crossings later, we were still having a blast!  It was a little discouraging getting our feet wet through the first creek. After that, we just accepted the fact that we would be wet and muddy, and we pushed through!   The final mile was definitely the most difficult.   We had just waded through our last creek, and climbed up the steepest, muddiest hill on the course.   We were all tired and hungry, but we finished in good spirits knowing that we would be meeting for food and drinks shortly after.

Finishing Times:

Curt Collicott             1:34:41

Eric Olinger                1:41:30

Todd Wirth                1:52:10

Sol Bales                     2:10:13

Natalie Schrader     2:10:13

Michael Grafft         2:16:25

Kate Bills                    2:20:24