Benefits of Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery

By marketing | January 20th, 2022 | Disaster Recovery

Multi-cloud is the practice of using multiple cloud services. This means your organization can utilize a private cloud environment and a hybrid cloud environment that contain multiple public cloud components. Why does this matter in terms of disaster recovery? Multi-cloud disaster recovery means ensuring that your data is stored with more than one cloud vendor […]

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Disaster Recovery Basics

By marketing | January 13th, 2022 | Business Continuity

If we have learned anything from the last couple of years, it is to expect the unexpected. Whether it be a global pandemic, inland hurricane, cyber-attack, or zombie apocalypse… accidents happen. Regardless of the scale of disaster, an organization has as obligation to provide service, no matter what the circumstances are. This is the basis […]

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Year in Review: Biggest Moments of 2021

By marketing | January 6th, 2022 | LightEdge

We finally said goodbye to 2021 and welcomed in 2022 with open arms. As most of us are excited that the New Year is here, let’s not forget to take time and reflect on what we all accomplished in 2021. For LightEdge, we think of change, opportunity, and new beginnings when it comes to this […]

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Migrating To The Edge: 3 Reasons Why You Should Make The Move

By marketing | December 16th, 2021 | Cloud, Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Cloud Services, Colocation, IT Security, LightEdge

Edge computing, especially with the rise of IoT, has been a tech star in recent years, but many organizations are left wondering what the Edge means for their organization and if it is a move they should make. The transition to the Edge can be scary, but in the end, your company will gain numerous […]

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Public Cloud Disaster Recovery and Risk Mitigation

By marketing | December 10th, 2021 | Cloud

The recent AWS outage caused a domino effect of issues and may have you second guessing if the Public Cloud environment is the best option for your organization. While outages are not uncommon, the disruption that the AWS outage caused was detrimental… given that it controls 90% of the public cloud market. If you are […]

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LightEdge Remains Leader in Compliance with Re-Certifications

By marketing | December 9th, 2021 | Compliance, Press Release

DES MOINES, IA – Thursday, December 8, 2021 – As a leader in the compliant cloud and data center space for over 25 years, LightEdge provides unmatched security and compliance, zero outages and downtime, and a flexibility to meet your business model.  Today, LightEdge announced it has successfully renewed all certifications for information security for 2021. […]

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How Colocation Can Save Your Business Money

By marketing | December 2nd, 2021 | Cloud, Cloud Security, Cloud Services, Colocation, Costs, Data Center, Data Center, Data Protection, LightEdge, Network

As the world consumes more data, more businesses are investing in colocation services. Colocation is frequently viewed as a significant investment and, in some cases, a cost drain. This idea, on the other hand, could not be further from the truth. Collocating your IT to a data center can provide your company with a variety […]

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CMMC Program… what you need to know

By marketing | November 19th, 2021 | Compliance

As many of us know, cybercrime and data breaches are at an all-time high and have not shown any signs of slowing down. These attacks are a burden for any organization and the cost of coming back from one can be detrimental. The Department of Defense recently announced a new framework that will soon provide […]

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The 7 P’s of a Strong Business Continuity Plan Infographic

By marketing | November 4th, 2021 | Business Continuity, Cloud Security, Cyber Security, Security

No “plan” isn’t one of them. That’s too risky. A business continuity plan positions your organization to survive a serious disruption and is a critical component of any recovery strategy. It helps to eliminate confusion common to every disaster, providing a clear blueprint for what everyone should do. An effective business continuity plan will give […]

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Colocation Myths for Banks to Forget

By marketing | October 28th, 2021 | Colocation

“Colocation is not secure enough for financial banking IT.” “Colocation will not meet the security and compliance requirements that we have in banking.” “Colocation would not provide the network performance needs.” Does this sound familiar? Colocation facilities play an essential role in the storage and security of a banking organization’s data and digital information. Larger […]

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