IBM Takes Hold of Hybrid Computing

By Roger Mellman | June 27th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Compliance, Data Center, IT Security, Security

In the past, there were not many cloud options for IBM i customers. That is all changing as IBM i computing is now generally available to deliver hybrid cloud options. IBM, a vocal supporter of hybrid cloud solutions, just took another step by enabling some of the last of its platforms, IBM i and AIX, […]

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IBM i Power: Digital Transformation to Power Cloud

By Roger Mellman | March 28th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Colocation, Compliance, Data Center, Data Protection, IT Security

Digital transformation is critical for businesses to stay afloat these days, and the IBM i community is turning to cloud services for help. The growth we’ve seen in the last two to three years here at LightEdge has been in the countless inquiries for IBM i or AIX cloud hosting from organizations spanning all industry […]

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History of IBM AS/400 and How it Became IBM i Power

By Roger Mellman | January 31st, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Colocation, Compliance, Data Center, IT Security, Security

Over the years, we have watched IBM AS/400 innovate and evolve into what it is today: IBM i Power. As the platform reached its 30th anniversary this past summer, we wanted to look at the evolution and key events that the AS/400 platform experienced. We will also look at how the architecture and its operating […]

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