Multi-cloud is the practice of using multiple cloud services. This means your organization can utilize a private cloud environment and a hybrid cloud environment that contain multiple public cloud components. Why does this matter in terms of disaster recovery? Multi-cloud disaster recovery means ensuring that your data is stored with more than one cloud vendor so your organization is not a victim or downtime and your information remains safe. Check out how your organization can benefit from utilizing a multi-cloud environment as disaster recovery.


Let Lightedge Help with Disaster Recovery

Utilizing a multi-cloud environment can greatly benefit your organization, let LightEdge get you started! Gain reliability, increase flexibility and feel at ease with our 24X7X365 support crew. Start your multi-cloud disaster recovery plan today, our experts are standing by the help. 




Shawn Rielly

Shawn specializes in creating written and visual content for end users. Using her marketing background, Shawn focuses on delivering attention grabbing content for LightEdge’s audience that is usually based on LightEdge blogs. One of the many skills she has is using the application of Adobe Creative Cloud.

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