How Data Center Location Affects Your Colocation Choice

By marketing | February 5th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Colocation, Data Center, Data Protection, Security

When it comes to deciding where your business-critical data physically resides, there are several important factors to keep in mind, and data center location is one of them. Where your data center is situated will impact your choice of colocation facility. Here are some things to consider. Colocation in its most basic form is your hardware, your […]

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History of IBM AS/400 and How it Became IBM i Power

By marketing | January 31st, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Colocation, Compliance, Data Center, IT Security, Security

Over the years, we have watched IBM AS/400 innovate and evolve into what it is today: IBM i Power. As the platform reached its 30th anniversary this past summer, we wanted to look at the evolution and key events that the AS/400 platform experienced. We will also look at how the architecture and its operating […]

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How to Ensure Compliance in the Cloud Infographic

By marketing | January 25th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Compliance, Security
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Ultimate Guide to a Highly Compliant Cloud Environment

By marketing | January 24th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Compliance, Data Protection, IT Security, Security

You can ensure compliance in the cloud through HIPAA/HITRUST, PCI DSS and other regulatory certifications, but it takes time, money, and expertise to get the documentation you need to prove it. The benefits cloud computing offers include improved productivity, easier off-campus access, and reduced IT cost. 74 percent of CFOs note cloud computing as having […]

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The Five Greatest Risks Every Hosting Customer Must Navigate

By marketing | January 22nd, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Colocation, Data Center, Healthcare IT, IT Security, Security

Managed hosting offers multiple benefits to small and midsized businesses (SMBs), like the reduction in or an elimination of capital expenditures. It also reduces the need to recruit and staff the sometimes difficult-to-find IT talent needed to manage your equipment. Other benefits include the lowering of costs, the increase in ease of scalability, and direct access […]

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HIPAA in the Cloud Infographic

By Deborah Fraser | January 18th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Compliance, Healthcare IT, Security
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What Every Business Needs to Know about Dedicated Private Cloud

By marketing | January 17th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Colocation, Data Center, Data Protection, IT Security

Dedicated Private Cloud gives customers the reliability, control and performance of a dedicated infrastructure with all of the benefits of the cloud. Many businesses are looking to migrate to the cloud this year, but are having some reservations. First and foremost, is security. Becoming another headline in the string of cybersecurity breaches is not on […]

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Cost of Ownership: Public vs Private Cloud Showdown

By marketing | January 16th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Compliance, IT Security, Security

Smart cloud consumers must consider a number of factors when calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their environment. Here is how to cut through the complexity. Historically, private clouds have been labeled as the premium choice. An enterprise grade solution for mission-critical applications that comes at a premium price. Total control, data protection, […]

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The Forecast for 2019 Cloud Computing: 5 Predictions to Start Off the New Year

By marketing | January 10th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Compliance, IT Security, Security

The new year is moving full speed ahead, so it is time to predict where the cloud is headed in 2019. Many businesses rely on the cloud as a vital part of their enterprise infrastructure. The benefits of having a database that is easily accessible from any location has dramatically improved productivity across the workforce. […]

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A Look Ahead at 2019: 6 Predictions for LightEdge & Our Industry

By marketing | January 3rd, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Colocation, Compliance, Data Center, Data Protection, IT Security, LightEdge, Security

2018 proved to be a big year for LightEdge and the data center & cloud hosting industry. We welcomed OnRamp into the LightEdge family during our 2018 summer acquisition. We expanded two of our data centers to accommodate the growing needs of our customers. Last but not least, we honed in on what we do […]

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