Is the Cloud Computing model right for you? 
Recently, trends in advertising have been promoting the idea of taking IT “to the Cloud”. In many situations this may be a beneficial strategy for businesses to reduce costs and improve accessibility to information, but what types of applications are best delivered from a cloud environment and what are the different types of cloud experiences available?
In this educational webinar, LightEdge will discuss the concept of Cloud Computing, how it is impacting businesses and what IT services are best delivered through the cloud.
– What is “the Cloud”?
– What’s the difference between Private and Public Cloud?
– How secure is the Cloud?
– Which implementations are right for the Cloud, and more importantly, which aren’t?
– How can a business exploit a “Hybrid” model for the best of both worlds?
Monday August 1st 
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. 
To register, go to:
RSVP required, webinar dial-in instructions will be e-mailed prior to the event.