Transitioning to a new IT service provider can be a long and difficult process, so finding a company that can make it as painless as possible is important. Get an insider view below of what Stetson Building Products, Inc. had to say about their experience when moving to LightEdge.
Stetson, a building products company headquartered out of Des Moines, IA, began seeing some major red flags with their previous IT partner in the initial phases of their relationship but decided to delay the time consuming process of moving all their services as long as possible. Eventually, enough was enough.
After meeting with several IT companies and comparing them on a wide-range of skill sets and features, LightEdge came out on top. They were immediately drawn to the fact that LightEdge was a local company, but what truly set them apart was their high level of customer support and employee enthusiasm.
Throughout the entire setup process to their status today, Stetson can’t believe how seamless the transition was. They are confident that if an issue were to arise, LightEdge would be the first to alert them and immediately take action to resolve the problem with minimum heavy lifting on the customer’s end. The way it should be.
“The transition from our previous provider was a long and complicated process, but the LightEdge team was on top of it every step of the way. I’ve made this trip with various service providers over the years, and I am very impressed. Everything from planning and design to installation, implementation and continuing maintenance of the Stetson network has gone very well. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership between Stetson and LightEdge in the years to come.” – Steve Mohn, D.P. Manager.
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