Ever wonder why DDoS protection & mitigation is important? As a result of such attacks, LightEdge has emerged as a leader in the field. LightEdge provides top notch network safeguards. LightEdge’s mitigation steps assist in ensuring business continuity.  You may find yourself asking what different types of DDoS attacks are out there? Do you wonder what the attacker’s motivation are? Do you have concerns of its impacts or costs when attacks strike?

LightEdge has gathered seven facts about DDoS attacks that you might find interesting. Our experts are available to talk to you about ensuring 100% uptime, redundant networks, and our immediate response DDoS mitigation. Reach out today!


Chris Shipley

Over twenty-five years of experience in a number of aspects IT, Marketing & Project Management. Chris’s passion is to enhance our community through fellowship, hard work, commitment to excellence and forward-thinking ideas. Chris has been with LightEdge since April of 2022 and looks forward to assisting our clients in having the best service available.