What is Hosted Desktop Experience?
Hosted DEX (Desktop Experience) is a new hosted virtual desktop platform that LightEdge is partnering with Dizzion on. It will allow customers to connect to their end user desktop in the cloud. Instead of their data living on their PC, this product will centralize their data to the cloud and will allow them to access it from any device.
Who is it a fit for?
Hosted Desktop Experience is a fit for any company with a mobile work force, a call center, or anyone interested security of data and centralizing the management of their end user data
Why are we adding it?
LightEdge has a great solution for cloud services on the server side and telephony. This new product will expand and complete our portfolio for cloud services to include the desktop. We can now offer a full end to end solution from the desktop to the datacenter for all of a company’s IT needs.
What does it mean for the customer?
For the customer it means great flexibility for where and how they access their desktop computer. It allows them to access all their data from any device, whether it be a PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablet.