Virtualization Field Day 6
We are so excited to share the news that one of our Senior Cloud Engineers, Jon Hildebrand, has been selected to participate on the Delegate Panel at this year’s Virtualization Field Day! Tech Field Day which consists of categories including wireless, networking, storage and virtualization, will take place November 18-20th in Silicon Valley.
Representatives for the three-day event are selected by the Field Day Delegate community based upon individual characteristics including independence, contribution, knowledge and fit. Qualification solely depends who you are and what you do. Selections revolve around finding the right group of people for each event, regardless of where they work and live. With such a wide scope, it’s a tremendous honor to be chosen for this elite role.
Based upon these qualifications, it is easy to see why Jon Hildebrand was selected to participate in this year’s event. Jon has been with LightEdge since February of 2014, and brings more than 15 years of experience in Information Technology to his role with the company. Congratulations, Jon!
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