What is Change?

Change creates opportunity, and potential is unleashed through change. We have been saying this a lot lately, and it is only because we truly believe this best fits us as an organization. Additionally, we believe this sheds some light on the growth our organization has seen recently.

With LightEdge on your team, every challenge you face in the digital realm becomes an opportunity to grow your business. Because change is always coming, you might as well welcome it with open arms.


How is Lightedge Embracing Change?

Bold New Look

If you have been following us for a while, you might have noticed a big change on September 1st. Our logo was reinvented – this is the foundation of our brand. It symbolizes the combination of fiber optic light, edge computing, and the relentless pursuit of solutions in an ever-changing digital landscape. It made the most sense for where we are currently and where we see ourselves in the future.

Not only did we make a change to our logo, but we altered our brand colors. We said bye to our old theme and welcomed in a brand-new modernized palette.  The LightEdge colors are now striking with its bold use of black and white, paired with different shades of blue and a striking yellow. This new palette, our adoption of high contrast graphics and photography truly embody the high-tech, “edginess” of LightEdge and its technologies. After all, we do have “Edge” in our name, so why not embrace it?

Altogether, this new brand and messaging better aligns with our long-term vision and carves a clear path on where we are headed in the upcoming years. We will embrace change and turn the challenges our clients might have into opportunities.

Bold New Partners

On September 14th, LightEdge’s acquisition by , a private investment firm, was announced. This will support the growth of LightEdge from its current position. Through this partnership with GI, we will be able to pivot more quickly and add services to meet the technology demands of our clients, expand services into new markets and hire and retain top talent to support our platforms and the clients we serve. All of this will provide LightEdge clients with more options with which they can tailor their unique IT requirements. Our team truly believes they have found the perfect investment partner to help take the company to the next level. We look forward to the opportunities and possibilities ahead with this partnership as they expand their commitment to innovation and continue to deliver best-in-class service.

On top of this announcement, we have also joined forces with Cavern Technologies, a premier enterprise-grade data center provider located in Kansas City.  “This is the first acquisition under our new ownership by GI Partners. This acquisition unlocks new opportunities for us and further positions LightEdge as a leading infrastructure provider in the Midwest.  We are actively looking to expand our presence throughout the U.S. and are excited about the prospect of future acquisitions.”  – LightEdge CEO, Jim Masterson. With this partnership, we will be able to better serve our clients and become even more of a trusted partner that is always one step ahead.


Change is Relentless, So Are We

Are you ready to embrace change and create opportunities that will make your business thrive? Take the leap and contact us today!