To begin with…No – LightEdge did not send one of their engineers to learn all about puppetry this week. Rather, our engineer was asked to speak at a Puppet Camp event in Chicago, Illinois. Puppet Labs is a software development firm that created an IT automation software for system administrators. After presenting to the Linux User Group in January about Puppet at LightEdge, Matt Patterson, LightEdge engineer, was asked to present at the Chicago Puppet Camp this past Monday (July 23rd). Puppet Camps are community oriented gatherings of Puppet users and developers to allow for networking, best practice sharing, and opportunities to discuss potential implementations that are held all over the globe. Matt was asked to speak about how LightEdge uses Puppet and some lessons learned along the way. It was a great opportunity for him to connect with other experts in that field and bring back even more knowledge to LightEdge and their customers on this rapidly growing product.