Data Center and Cloud Solutions Company Creates New Customer Advocate Role

Des Moines, Iowa – June 20 – LightEdge Solutions is pleased to announce David Kaili as its Customer Advocate Manager, a new role recently created by the company. While David will serve as an extension of LightEdge’s Senior Team, his primary role will be working closely with customers to act as a third-party liaison and represent a unified voice on behalf of the customers.
“I am confident customers will reap tremendous benefit from David’s ability to promptly and effectively gather information and weigh options in order to continue to make the best possible decisions for our clients and partners,” said LightEdge’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Masterson.
David has been with LightEdge Solutions for nearly a decade and will bring a unique, proactive approach to the role. With a background in data analytics, trend monitoring and problem solving, he will be able to quickly and actively resolve conflicts before they escalate or even occur.