Edge computing, especially with the rise of IoT, has been a tech star in recent years, but many organizations are left wondering what the Edge means for their organization and if it is a move they should make.

The transition to the Edge can be scary, but in the end, your company will gain numerous benefits in terms of cost, speed, latency, and more. When discussing your move to the Edge, it’s critical to understand how it works, which aspects of your business would benefit the most, and how it can future proof your organization, ensuring its longevity as you process increasing amounts of data.

Let’s look at the three most significant benefits of edge computing and the role it can play in your business.

Reduce Costs

As network traffic has increased, so have data center equipment and networking expenditures; the capital investment alone is enough to prevent many businesses from running their own Edge data centers. As a result, now would be the ideal time to start thinking about making the move. Edge colocation facilities enable you to obtain the greatest data center equipment at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. Leasing hardware allows you to reallocate your monthly spending to update your hardware, giving you a competitive advantage over competitors who build and run their own facilities.

Reduce Latency

The most significant advantage of edge computing is its ability to improve network performance by lowering latency. Because IoT edge computing devices analyze data locally or at nearby edge data center, the data they collect does not have to travel nearly as far as it would in a traditional cloud architecture. In other words, the Edge computing model is decentralized in nature. Since we are still constrained by the laws of modern physics, data can only move at the speed of light, so the closer your servers are to the point of generation, the lower the latency your organization will experience due to the dispersal of applications.

Improve Customer Experience

Any amount of latency can be anxiety-inducing when finances are involved. Organizations, specifically banks,  are moving closer to the Edge as demands for a seamless mobile experience increase and flashier applications require more bandwidth for processing in the timeframes clients expect. Companies can leverage Edge computing to deploy transformative and personalized customer service experiences. The beauty of the Edge is that it gives organizations and customers the best of BOTH Edge and Cloud—it never has to be an either/or discussion.


We believe in the Edge so much, it’s been part of our name for over 20 years. With geographically-dispersed facilities in the Midwest, East Coast, and South, LightEdge data centers are the heart of our operation and can become the heart of yours. We have an extensive range of colocation and disaster recovery solutions delivering advanced shared infrastructure designed to enable operational and financial efficiency, reducing the burden on your IT staff.

As a top-tier colocation services provider, we provide a high level of availability and reliability through secure, certified data centers and 24/7/365 staff onsite. Our customized and scalable services give you the control, whether you need a colocation rack, cage or custom suite now or at any point in the lifecycle of your business. If you utilize our facilities and services for Edge computing now or in the future, you gain not only a world-class data center with all its security, cutting edge hardware, and reliability, you also get the benefit of enterprise-level services from our local experts.

LightEdge facilities are significantly more advanced than competitors’ traditional data centers. We have endeavored to and succeeded in creating true Hybrid Solution Centers, which are designed to offer a complete portfolio of high speed, secure, redundant, local cloud services and managed gateways to public clouds through our hardened facilities. We created a solution that allows you to manage your IT from the Edge up or the Edge down, giving you the flexibility to decide where to put the data that matters to you most. Get started today with a free quote from one of our colocation specialists.

Christine Mez