March is upon us, which means buzzer beaters are in the air, brackets are about to be busted and fiscal budgets hope to not suffer that same fate. With another year of experience under its belt, Cloud Computing continues to move from buzzy young phenom to experienced all-around superstar and team player. In fact, a recent study by TSO Logic showed that 45% of virtualized operating systems could be run more economically on the cloud, generating an overall cost savings of 43% annually. Talk about filling up the stat sheet.
Yet, not all clouds are created equal, with different iterations serving distinct purposes, depending on the unique needs of your business. And just like your March Madness bracket, sitting down to pick the winners can be a daunting task. So, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, we’ve put together some handy capsules that provide a snapshot of four of our more popular cloud solutions; so, that you don’t end up making your picks based team colors or mascots.   
Which cloud computing service is right for you?
LightEdge Bare Metal Cloud:
Overview: LightEdge Bare Metal Cloud involves physically discreet, high performance Cisco servers, storage and network uniquely configured for each client. Dedicated servers mean added security and compliance, along with exclusive control. It also allows for full use of Cisco UCS Director, a carrier-class management tool for both physical and virtual environments that enhances the value of IT as a Service to businesses.
Key strengths: Improved security, total control over server, easy compliance, scalable, direct control of your data.
Did you know? 85% of companies who use cloud applications use a multi-cloud strategy, rising three percentage points from 82% in 2016.
Fan base: Companies with high performance or workload objectives, skilled IT staffs who need to move off hardware, those requiring HIPAA or PCI-DSS level compliance, and ISO 20000 level process management.
LightEdge Hybrid Cloud:
Overview: Hybrid cloud is essentially a private cloud network with the added benefit of being able to connect with a public cloud network. This allows companies to keep more recent or secure data in a private cloud, while moving older data into the public cloud to maximize efficiency and savings. This makes it easier to apply policy changes and automate operations in multi-cloud environments.
Key strengths: Cost savings, ability to leverage public cloud as appropriate, enhanced organizational agility, increased data speeds, on-demand processing scale, and consolidated multi-cloud management.
Did you know? Global spending on multicloud management deployments is expected to grow from $939 million in 2016 to $3.4 billion by 2021, a compound annual growth rate of 29.6%.
Fan base: Companies with large client bases, high growth businesses needing scalable solutions, , and organizations with workloads that require varying levels of security, compliance, and hardened infrastructure.  
LightEdge Enterprise Cloud:
Overview: Enterprise cloud is a multi-tenant cloud environment where computing, storage and network resources are shared among a designated number of customers. This way, you can take advantage of the lower-cost model of public cloud, while maintaining more of the security and performance that the private cloud is known for.
Key strengths: Private security on a public budget, customizable based on need, offers dedicated resources despite being multi-tenant.
Did you know? Higher degrees of multi-tenancy are best suited for cross-industry utilitarian workloads such as catalog management and sales force management.
Fan base: Companies who have a resource pool and deploy their own virtual machines, high aptitude IT staffs, those seeking the cost benefits of public cloud while maintaining the security performance of more private offerings.
LightEdge Flex Cloud:
Overview: Flex Cloud is a distinctive and practical approach offered by LightEdge that lays out a path to the cloud that allows current assets to be leveraged and expertly managed.  It enables transition away from capital investment cycles by providing options regarding how, when and what to migrate compute or storage independent of one another to the LightEdge Cloud; a solution that serves present needs while fortifying clients for the future.
Key strengths: Fiscally responsible asset management, security options, consumption on “as required” basis, custom migration designs.
Did you know? Lack of resources/expertise is now the #1 cloud challenge (cited by 32 percent), supplanting security (cited by 29 percent).
Fan base: Businesses with sunk IT costs, organizations looking to take responsible steps to cloud adoption, companies seeking redundant, secure environments for physical assets.