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When it’s time to look for a colocation provider, you may find that comparing data centers can be both confusing and complicated. There are several variables to consider when identifying the best provider that can meet your needs—and multiple factors that will impact your decision. This Ultimate Data Center Colocation Checklist will help you stay focused during your search.

Where do you start? We recommend you approach the process from a problem-solving point of view. Start with a checklist and evaluate the data center for each element based on two factors:

  • How important to you is each of these resources?
  • Do the data center resources meet your requirements?

The Checklist

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Christine Mez

Christine joined LightEdge in 2021 with 4 years of Marketing experience. She specializes in creating content that helps attract visitors, convert leads and drive brand awareness. She puts a lot of her focus and attention into graphic design & social media.

Working closely with subject matter experts, Christine is able to develop educational material that our sales team and customers can utilize. This allows them to better understand what LightEdge can offer as a compliant cloud and colocation provider. She enjoys collaborating with team members and using third party resources to ensure the content she creates is valuable to her audience.