Microsoft support for all versions of Windows Server 2003 ends on July 14, 2015. After this date, updates will no longer be available, and your business will become exposed to alarming security and compliance risks. Now is the time to upgrade to avoid exposing your business to significant risk!

How does this impact you?

No more automatic fixes, updates or online technical assistance will be provided after July 14, 2015. To put the magnitude of this into perspective, there are an estimated 24 Million servers still running Windows Server 2003 for which there were 37 Critical Updates released in 2013 alone. Without these vital quality improvements, businesses in regulated industries will no longer be compliant with current security regulations. This will have countless negative effects on your business ranging from the loss of Visa & MasterCard acceptance on transactions, HIPAA compliance issues and increased operational costs to maintain Windows Server 2003.

How will you benefit from migrating to 2012?

To avoid the compliance and security risks of Windows 2003, businesses have the option of upgrading to Windows 2008 or going to Windows Server 2012 and upgrading their infrastructure. By making the move to Microsoft Windows Server 2012, businesses will receive several benefits including improved virtualization and reduced management costs.

How can LightEdge help?

Let LightEdge professional services help to simplify this problem by assessing your server infrastructure. We can create a plan to not only upgrade or migrate your servers and workloads, but we can also recommend further ways to increase the performance, scalability, and efficiency of your systems using industry standard processes and configurations.
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