Business Continuity Services

The reliable availability of business IT is essential to the management and livelihood of every company, large or small. All elements hinge on the dependability of your technology to deliver vital information right when you need it. Now that modern IT practices have started to blend physical with virtual, and cloud with on-premises, safeguarding your applications and data requires several tools and methods. LightEdge Business Continuity services offer…

Backup & Replication
Premium solutions from the industry’s most respected and innovative backup and replication providers to enable fast, reliable data backup and recovery
Business Continuity
Extensive solutions designed to ensure uninterrupted performance of IT operations and mission-critical systems, integrated into our data center.
Data Protection
Fully integrated, fast, secure and comprehensive components that fulfill the offsite data protection requirements of an on-premises facility
Infrastructure investment, solution advancements and flexible deployment of solutions to cost-effectively address various RTO/RPO requirements.

Our Business Continuity Services

We’re committed to keeping our customers’ IT operations, critical applications and data protected. We provide the technology and resources our customers require to get back to a production state that meets their RTO/RPO requirements.

LightEdge offers a comprehensive set of disaster recovery solutions to ensure uninterrupted performance of IT operations and mission-critical systems in the event of a disaster.

LightEdge solves the challenges associated with traditional backup. It enables fast, reliable data backup and recovery for remote offices, data center LANs & VMware® environments.

Get your backups offsite –fully-integrated, fast and secure– without the cost and complexity of managing separate infrastructure and network resources using our Cloud Data Protection services.

Power, computers and connectivity—we can house your critical staff in the event your primary business location becomes unavailable. Your services can quickly be turned on at the disaster recovery workplace to minimize downtime.

LightEdge and IBM maintain a best-in-class vSOC, delivering proactive alerts on emerging threats and making recommendations on security policy changes, allowing you to optimize your staff resources.