Cloud Data Protection

What is Cloud Data Protection?

Protecting Data in the Cloud with Veeam

Get your backups offsite without the cost and complexity of managing separate infrastructure & network resources. Veeam® Cloud Connect provides a fully-integrated, fast and secure way to backup and restore from the cloud. Cloud Connect allows current Veeam customers to back up to a LightEdge Data Center repository directly from the Veeam Backup & Replication Console.

LightEdge is well known for our ISO 20000 and ISO 27001-validated infrastructure and operations, as well as constant adherence to reference architecture. The LightEdge repository for Veeam backups is built from the ground up to be a seamless target for VMware and Hyper-V users to establish and automate backups with unmatched simplicity.

Securely Protecting Data in the Cloud from Beginning to End

Master the 3-2-1 Rule: 

3-2-1 rule

Data Protection best practices recommend maintaining 3 copies of data, on 2 types of storage, with at least 1 in a remote location. This strategy greatly enhances the availability of business-critical apps and data, but it requires separate storage infrastructure. With LightEdge and Veeam Cloud Connect, there is no need to own or manage the second storage facility yourself.

Simplify Data Protection: Simplify your data protection through easy configuration and setup with familiar tools. Through the same Veeam console used for existing backup and replication tasks, you can add LightEdge as a backup target. This allows you to replicate to our enterprise-class infrastructure that is exclusively yours. With our Cisco UCS reference architecture and ISO 20000 validated operations, you can be confident that the performance at your target site will equal production-level.

Gain Security: LightEdge Cloud Data Protection with Veeam leverages AES 256-bit encryption for maximum protection and flexibility for you to choose when & where to use it.

  • At the Source: during backup/before it leaves your network perimeter
  • In Flight: as it is transferred between your business and LightEdge
  • At Rest: client exclusive encryption key

LightEdge Cloud Data Protection diagram

Efficient Backups: Reduce network loads and space consumption. Automate & Schedule.

  • Source-side deduplication and compression significantly reduce storage requirements. Meanwhile, integration with VMware vSphere Changed Block Tracking (CBT) ensures only data elements that have been changed are updated in the incremental unique data blocks and transferred to the backup.
  • Easily schedule and automate backups from Veeam console with different RTO/RPO objectives with appropriate cycles, even near-continuous with a lapse of only the time to needed complete a full snapshot cycle.
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