Trust LightEdge for All Your Storage Needs

LightEdge can help you design a secure, managed data storage solution that satisfies every workload and achieves maximum performance at every level. With high-performance, all-flash SSD SAN, our cutting-edge technology and hybrid configurations offer the customization you expect from a trusted partner. Plus, we’ll monitor and troubleshoot your system 24/7/365.

LightEdge’s expertise and long-term partnerships with leading providers like NetApp, SolidFire, HP, and EMC make it easy to customize, implement, and manage secure, compliant environments that can easily be adjusted as your business evolves. With an emphasis on customer care and data security, our consultative approach is invaluable. Contact us for more information.

Choose All-Flash SAN for the Highest Performance

For predictability, top performance, and speed, LightEdge’s all-flash SSD SAN storage option offers simple scale-out options that adapt on the fly without affecting existing applications.

Features and benefits:

  • Superior application performance and predictability
  • Guaranteed minimum performance

Ideal use cases:

  • VDI
  • Analytics applications
  • High performance eCommerce
  • Ultra-high performance web servers
  • Database servers
  • Large CRM and other resource-intensive apps


Balance Performance, Security, and Affordability with All-Purpose SAN

Gain all the advantages of a flash-optimized architecture without compromising data mobility, resiliency, or data services.

Features and benefits:

  • Cost-effective tiered storage
  • Fully FIPS 140-2 compliant

Ideal use cases:

  • Virtualization and private clouds
  • Databases
  • High I/O, transaction-intensive applications
  • Server clustering
  • Messaging applications such as Microsoft Exchange
  • Cost effective all-purpose storage that can easily be scaled

Business Continuity Resources

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