Guide to Disaster Preparedness for the SMB

No one likes to think about disaster striking their business, but ignoring the risks is the worst possible approach to disaster recovery and business continuity planning. The bad news is that the risk of unplanned business downtime is probably higher than you think—and the costs can be enormous.


Cyberattack Threat and Prevention

If your organization isn’t as secure as it could be, what can you do? The current market for security tools is hard to navigate. Forty-five major vendors offer 85 major security tools from which organizations can choose. Once the tools are purchased, you are left on your own to integrate and layer these tools, which are oftentimes incompatible with each other.


Case Studies

Iowa Select Farms was in dire need of an upgraded core infrastructure. Improving where and how this new system would operate was pivotal for the company in order to facilitate the new technology initiatives it had envisioned in all of its member locations.

They needed a complete restructure and redesign of an on-site corporate data center to create an active DR environment that would be compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V. Without the implementation of a solid infrastructure, any new initiatives were guaranteed to be flaky and inflexible.

For almost six decades, Goodwill Central Texas has relentlessly focused on a single goal: empowering people to work. More than 100,000 Central Texans are unable to find stable employment on their own. Our education and job training, retail stores and business services, and community partnerships enable us do whatever it takes to transform lives through the power of work.


  • Wanted to consolidate data center footprint
  • Needed to move away from owning servers, managing equipment, and everything else that goes along with an in-house setup
  • Required a disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity

David Weekley Homes had two issues with the colocated IT environment they operated out of a data center in Houston, Texas: (1) with an in-house IT staff capable of handling much of their day-to-day IT functions, the fully managed solution they were contracted for was largely under-utilized, causing a greater expense than necessary, and (2) the location of their business and IT environment near the gulf coast presented availability and uptime concerns should this hurricane-prone region be impacted by a disaster.

Due to these concerns, David Weekley Homes was looking for a data center partner located in a geographically stable region that could serve as an extension of their IT department. They were seeking the expertise and flexibility to perform higher level tasks, like virtualization and backups. They did, however, want to maintain control over their environment with hands-on support delivered in a structured format to provide the most cost-effective means to run their operation.

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