IBT Industrial Solutions Overview

When companies want to meet their goals faster and operate more efficiently, they call IBT Industrial Solutions. With a comprehensive product offering and a variety of industrial training and supplychain management services, IBT is their trusted source to deliver it all. With more than six decades of experience, no one else can offer you the personal attention and wealth of product knowledge that our highly trained supply-strategy professionals can. Here at IBT, the most important thing we deliver is your total satisfaction.

LightEdge Differentiators

  • Acts as a trusted technology partner, helping create specific and tailored solution roadmaps to meet specific business objectives.
  • Re-imagined and delivered a modern, next-generation network to support any type of growth.
  • Improved productivity and reliability by eliminating downtime.

Business Challenge

As IBT’s organization continued to grow, they realized they needed a network that would support their business. They were looking to increase network reliability and improve productivity. With locations spread across the country, IBT needed more bandwidth and a solid network that would future-proof them for continued growth to scale and succeed. As time continued, IBT sought to keep the business up and running with their current network solution, but instead they continued to experience their fair share of disruption. This disruption impacted everything from phone calls to employee productivity. At this time, Paul Stubitsch was brought onboard the IBT Team to forge the way the company looked at technology. With Mark Skidmore, the IT Operations Manager.They built roadmaps to completely overhaul their network and core infrastructure and to replace their current services with AT&T.

Options Considered

With Stubitsch and Skidmore leading the way, IBT started making assessments of where the company was at and where they wanted to be. They looked at half a dozen different service providers. This is where they found LightEdge and the Core2Cloud technology consulting team. “We went with LightEdge’s Core2Cloud consulting team because of their technology capabilities and the symbiotic relationship we formed. We felt comfortable working with their team, and there was a great line of open communication. Our experience with LightEdge and Core2Cloud went really well,” said Stubitsch.


LightEdge built roadmaps to completely overhaul their network and core infrastructure and to replace IBT’s current services with AT&T. IBT had found a true technology partner in LightEdge’s Core2Cloud. Core2Cloud was able to provide IBT with 25X more bandwidth at 20 percent less of the cost of AT&T. This SD-WAN and LTE wireless backup opened up everything as far as improving productivity across all of IBT’s locations. This refresh completely eliminated downtime and disruption that IBT was previously experiencing. Technology was now an integral part of IBT’s business success and had earned its seat that the company’s decision-making table.

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Technical Overview:

  • Worked with Strategic Telecom to completely reimagine IBT’s data and voice network and managed security services. This got IBT off of AT&T and saved them money, while improving reliability.
  • Implemented 2 new Cisco CUBE routers and associated SIP trunks that replaced AT&T PRI’s at Merriam Headquarters and LightEdge’s Kansas City SubTropolis data center.
  • Performed Cisco core infrastructure, wireless & Call Manager refresh projects for IBT.

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