IT Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Planning for the SMB

Image of Guide to Disaster Preparedness for the SMB Whitepaper from LightEdge

Business disasters come in all shapes and sizes, from physical destruction of a facility to a computer virus taking down your mission-critical applications. No one likes to think about these events happening to their business, but ignoring the risks is the worst possible approach to disaster preparedness and recovery planning. 

The risks of unplanned downtime are usually higher than you think and come with costly consequences to the business. Despite the high risks and costs, most small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are failing when it comes to disaster readiness and remain unprepared or poorly prepared for any significant business disruption. 

Download our whitepaper guide to learn where to start and what to prepare for when it comes to your IT disaster recovery strategy. Your download also includes actionable steps you can take with your IT team towards developing your business continuity plan.