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Cybercrime grew nearly 20 percent last year, making IT security even more of a critical, top-of-mind concern for company leaders. Regardless of the size, there is an immediate need for real-time data monitoring to protect businesses and their customers. Whether you are part of a small business or lead a large global company, LightEdge and IBM can implement and maintain a best-in-class Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC). We provide proactive alerts on emerging threats, and recommend security policy changes to allow you to optimize staff resources.Take the first steps in educating yourself and protecting your business. Contact us today.

LightEdge Brings a Global Security Footprint to Local Markets

LightEdge is responding to the ever-growing cyber security threats by expanding its Managed Security Services. Our Virtual Security Operations Center is here to act as an extension of your existing security solutions.

With a view into 130 countries, thirty-five billion events are managed and analyzed daily. The LightEdge vSOC offers a 24/7/365 log and event monitoring threat analysis. Additionally, we provide secure, real-time communications with security experts who provide Watson-like cognitive event correlation.

Actionable security information is presented in an easy-to-consume format and offers a combined presentation of actionable threat analysis.

LightEdge offers four vSOC solution configurations, from simple log and alert retention to complete management and monitoring, allowing you to customize your vSOC to meet your precise needs.

How LightEdge vSOC helps:

  • Collects and interprets your network, log and application data.
  • Pulls in proven analytics and expert input from IBM’s global security ecosystem.
  • Provides real-time alerts and proactive policy requests.
  • Offers simple monitoring through a single-pane-of-glass portal.
  • Grants 24/7/365 local support from LightEdge.
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