Virtual Security Operations Center Powered by QRadar

With 7 full-time employees required to effectively monitor and assess incoming cyber security threats 24x7x365, companies are exhausting budgets to properly protect themselves. The LightEdge vSOC powered by QRadar Managed SIEM alleviates this stress. In partnership with leading SIEM provider Carbon Helix, LightEdge acts as an extension of your IT staff by providing hard-to-find, QRadar-certified resouces that allow you to reinvest employees back into areas that directly empower business growth and innovation.

Whether you are part of a small business or lead a large global company, LightEdge vSOC powered by QRadar Managed SIEM provides 24x7x365 network security monitored by Carbon Helix’s highly-skilled, military-trained professionals. QRadar provides proactive alerts on emerging threats, and recommend security policy changes to allow you to best optimize staff resources. Make sure you’re protected from the inevitability of a cyberattack – Contact us today.

The Added Value of QRadar’s Sense Analytics Engine:

• Effectively logs, monitors, and correlates network activity and flow patterns to identify anomalies that indicate potential intrusion, malware, or suspicious upload/download activity
• Delivers 24x7x365 surveillance, detection, and remediation services
• Supported by Carbon Helix’s elite, QRadar certified team with military backgrounds that serve as an extension of your security team
• Offers additional monitoring of firewalls, AV, web, DNS, authentication platforms, and all other potential points of entry
• False positive alerts are minimized, saving time and money and ensuring productive use of scarce resources.
• Built in reporting to support HIPAA, PCI, DCC, and SOC compliance requirements

LightEdge Virtual Security Operations Center powered by QRadar - diagram

The Industry Leading Security esource That Meets Your Evolving Needs:

LightEdge vSOC by QRadar Managed SIEM fulfills a business’s requirements for active network monitoring and security. The QRadar SIEM aggregates device logs and network flow data and provides a centralized management and reporting interface. The SOC provides 24x7x365 analyst monitoring, experienced QRadar deployment, integration, and ongoing optimization of security controls, user profiles, and device policy – all possible while reducing staffing concerns.

Why Carbon Helix?

CarbonHelix is a certified, veteran-owned and operated business providing cyber security services from security operations centers located in-country and meeting the highest compliance requirements. Like LightEdge, their team understands confidential data handling, has established a high degree of trust, and brings security experience to organizations spanning financial services, healthcare, education, manufacturing, service provider, government agencies and more. Carbon Helix’s purpose is to improve attack detection and incident response, harden defenses and simplify application access without compromise.

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