Cybersecurity has never been more relevant. Did you know it was reported that over 4 billion personal records were stolen globally in 2016 with the US leading in number of incidents per country? Companies large and small are subject to advanced, persistent threats, malware, ransomware, and insider actions that risk their vital financial information, intellectual property, and customer data. As we’ve witnessed recently on a global playground, companies not only face millions of dollars in fines post-breach, but an irreparable hit to their reputations.

Cybersecurity has officially escalated to the boardroom and become a critical element to the survivability of every business. As a result, LightEdge is persistently adopting new ways to protect our clients’ business and vital data through best-in-class architecture, advanced firewalls, and proactive protection like vSOC powered by QRadar.

What is vSOC?

The LightEdge Virtual Security Operations Center is a 24x7x365 network security service powered by IBM’s QRadar Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) platform. This complete solution enables customers to outsource components of their network security to the industry’s top security analysts and experts. QRadar, expertly deployed and operated by vSOC professionals at CarbonHelix, will analyze log & network flow, monitor vulnerabilities, and track user and asset data though a single, integrated architecture you also have access to. IBM’s QRadar SIEM has never before been available in such an easy to deploy, managed model.

What is a SIEM Tool?

SIEM tools are the only way a business can effectively log, monitor, and correlate network activity and flow patterns. They are able to identify anomalies and events that indicate potential intrusion, malware, or suspicious upload and download activity. Skilled security analysts and technicians are always monitoring this information to effectively detect any potential threats to a company’s environment.

What Makes QRadar the Leading SIEM?

IBM’s QRadar is a 5-year #1 Gartner ranked SIEM. It’s today’s most integrated, successfully automated cybersecurity intelligence solution. QRadar helps establish what is normal with respect to users, applications, and data access behaviors by correlating all available network log and flow data in real time with global cyber threat feeds. When any abnormal conditions exist, alerts are sent immediately to the virtual security operations center (vSOC).

How Does Your Business Stack Up?

  • Are you using a single, integrated security platform for your entire network?
  • Do you have dedicated security staff for 24x7x365 operations?
  • Does your team use real-time global threat feeds and vulnerability data?
  • Are you analyzing network flow data?
  • Do you have incident response and forensic support?
  • Can you apply User Behavior Analytics to network security?

Top Three Benefits of vSOC

STAFFING COVERAGE – It is extremely difficult to find and retain cyber- security experts and analysts. LightEdge vSOC allows you to tap into the highly credentialed security professionals at CarbonHelix 24x7x365 without having to directly recruit, hire, train, or maintain that staff. Let us become an extension of your IT team to strengthen your security story.

COST EFFICIENCY – Cybersecurity applications, appliances, and SIEM tools are expensive and usually require an upfront annual license or CapEx investment. LightEdge vSOC powered by QRadar offers Security Operations in an affordable monthly cost model that is all-inclusive and priced on events per second.

SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE – LightEdge connects clients to an elite cybersecurity operations business, endorsed by IBM Security. 24x7x365 surveillance, detection, and response is provided by elite security experts with cybersecurity military backgrounds. All SOC analysts maintain high-level government clearances, and have first-hand experience dealing with some of the world’s most sophisticated attacks & detection systems. There is no better “best practice” guidance.

Added Value from QRadar Sense Analytics Engine:

  • Analyzes user behavior to match current activities with historical patterns
  • Provides real-time intelligence feeds to identify & prioritize high probability threats
  • Offers superior intelligence over competitive SIEM tools
  • Increases odds of meaningful investigation
  • Reduces false-positive incidents
  • Immediately provides time-to-value through expert deployment
  • Day-one coverage where SOC analyst can detect, disrupt, investigate and respond to attacks
  • 24×7 surveillance provides faster detection and response to threats
  • Effective QRadar optimization and incremental improvements add to source data
  • Coordinated, purposeful integration with existing security tools and resources

Who Can Benefit the Most?

No one is exempt from security breaches. Every business should consider how the LightEdge vSOC can help augment their current information security plan.

  1. Must safeguard sensitive customer, patient or employee info
  2. Part of highly-regulated industries
  3. Required to meet global service delivery requirements
  4. Hold intellectual property

Fast Fact:

You need to employ 7 full-time experts, monitoring global and local security threats 24x7x365 to stay protected.

Contact us today to learn more about leveraging LightEdge vSOC services to protect your business.