Marketing/Channel Liaison

Des Moines, IA

Position Summary

We are looking for a self-motivated and detail-oriented individual that is passionate about growing professional relationships and reinventing the way our company goes to market with partners. This individual will play a significant role in both the Marketing and Channel Groups to ensure joint campaigns, co-hosted events & webinars, and combined messaging with all partners is successful. This person will also work with the Marketing, Channel, and Product Development groups at LightEdge to make sure all partner activities complement the other corporate activities we have going on, including new product rollouts and market expansions.

The Marketing/Channel Liaison will report to the Director of Marketing but will work extremely closely with the LightEdge Channel Team. As the Marketing/Channel Liaison, you will be tightly engrained with all LightEdge partners across the US, including MSPs, Consultants, and Vendors. This is a relatively new method of attacking the market and growing LightEdge’s presence, so there is unlimited potential to make this your own and establish a proven Channel Marketing Program.


  • Gain a deep understanding of LightEdge’s product offerings, messaging, and differentiators to be able to clearly articulate them to partners in the marketplace
  • Become well-versed on all LightEdge partners, including what they do, how we complement each other, and where they fit into our growing ecosystem
  • Lead the charge for Marketing & Channel on the best ways to:
    • GTM with our partners to generate new business for both organizations
    • Continuously market LightEdge to new & existing partners to nurture those relationships (ex: newsletter)
  • Strengthen our existing & new partnerships through:
    • Regularly scheduled meetings to discuss current activities, resources available, and future goals
    • Creation of joint GTM campaigns and co-hosted events for generating new business
    • Development of thought leadership content for blogs, whitepapers, case studies, and social media
  • Work closely with the LightEdge Partner Group to gather ongoing feedback on wins/losses and partnership goals to share with Marketing and Leadership
  • Manage LightEdge’s Partner Portal, Impartner, to make sure it’s effectively supporting partners’ needs through:
    • Social-on-Demand (social media content creation & automation tool)
    • LightEdge training & resources available
    • Lead submission & tracking
  • Monitor, coordinate, and redeem all quarterly partner funds (MDF) to ensure we plan for and use them appropriately
  • Increase communication between Marketing and the Channel Partner Team, so we can develop a more sophisticated GTM plan for all LightEdge partners and customers

Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 3-5 years of professional experience
  • Strong relationship skills and/or experience working with partners or developing partner programs
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Self-Starter with the ability to work independently and with others in a fast pace environment
  • Locker Room Leader that possesses internal drive to succeed, while demonstrating integrity and honesty
  • Problem-solver with an emphasis on attention-to-detail
  • General understanding of technology vertical preferred (or eagerness and interest to learn)
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