Source: Transpo Services
Location: Grandview, Missouri

Transpo Services Case Study

Transpo Services logo“Veeam, It just works. Just like LightEdge. We couldn’t be happier with their solution and support.”
– John House, Transpo Services

Company Overview

Transpo Services, a division of the Cartwright Companies in Grandview, Mo., provides online, intelligent military move management solutions to transportation service provider agents both foreign and domestic. Cartwright is a leading supplier of global relocation services for residential, military and government clients. Cartwright also provides freight logistics and move management services to numerous U.S. government agencies, mobility and payroll solutions to global corporations, as well as household goods and vehicle moving services to customers across the globe.

Business Challenge

Being a supplier to the United States Military and other government agencies, Transpo Services is required by law to comply with a myriad of complex regulatory statutes regarding data handling and backup. The company was previously using data protection software that had proved unreliable for their compliance needs, amongst those being data backup redundancy via a secure, geographically remote location. Finding a robust, 100% compliant solution to this challenge was the topmost priority for the Transpo team.


The Transpo team selected Veeam Software as their new backup and replication software solution however; they were still in need of a vendor to supply a secure, reliable offsite backup target. Enter LightEdge.

LightEdge offered Transpo a thirty-day free trial of their Cloud Data Protection service, allowing Transpo to move their backups and replicas offsite without the capital cost and technical complexity of building and maintaining their own offsite infrastructure.

LightEdge’s thirty-day free trial allowed the Transpo team to put their solution to the test with no contractual strings attached. This gave the potential client an extreme level of comfort during the testing process. The free trial period also demonstrated to Transpo the level of confidence that LightEdge has in their services, equipment and technical expertise. LightEdge knew the product would work for Transpo and allowed them to secure their trust. A little over a week into the trial period, Transpo became convinced that LightEdge’s Cloud Data Protection service was the solution for their business challenge and entered into a formal service agreement with LightEdge.