Cloud Monitoring & Management Services

LightEdge Cloud Monitoring

LightEdge Cloud Monitoring services offer a powerful, proactive IT monitoring platform that encompasses all the essential monitoring and management capabilities needed for cloud services and the modern data center. LightEdge Cloud Monitoring is powered by EM7 and is the first ScienceLogic certified partner in the Midwest. We enable our customers to monitor both physical and virtual server environments, applications and networks in our data center and beyond, including your IT environment and third parties. With complete visibility, our clients are able to intelligently utilize resources, optimize operations and manage their business requirements.

LightEdge consistently develops deep relationships with industry front-runners that have established a market position with innovation and proven performance. ScienceLogic provides carrier-grade IT monitoring from a unified platform that leverages end-to-end connection for on-premises, data center and cloud environments. ScienceLogic is the only single-pane monitoring solution that works for all physical and virtualized IT environments.

Layers of Monitoring

Network Availability Monitoring: LightEdge Network Monitoring enables you to evaluate the network path, ports, connections and availability of servers as seen through your entire network, including on-premises and remote data centers.

Hypervisor, VM Monitoring: LightEdge Hypervisor Monitoring provides dashboard visibility to your virtual machine environment from the perspective of the hypervisor. This is used to measure things such as CPU utilization, RAM and disk consumption relative to the total pool of available resources.

Server, OS Monitoring: LightEdge Server monitoring delivers comprehensive performance and utilization dashboards across any type of operating system. Starting with industry standard “best practices” templates maintained by our partner and leveraging 15 years of IT management experience, we provide pre-built templates that cover all major technologies. Additionally, we can help customize unique policies and templates to align monitoring with your specific business needs.

Application Monitoring: LightEdge Cloud Monitoring provides a holistic view of all your applications, using a variety of touch-points including web response, transactions, app health on servers, database queries and more. Pre-built templates are available for most industry-leading applications. Additional templates can be easily defined to support proprietary applications.

Cloud Management Services

What is Cloud Management?

LightEdge Cloud Management is a valuable collection of support activities for your cloud environment in one or more LightEdge Data Centers.  Available in an Essentials package as well as a Fully Managed end-to-end service, our cloud management services are tailored to needs and capabilities of our customer’s IT operations. We can also custom design a managed services package for your multi-sourced hybrid cloud environment. LightEdge Cloud Management services include proactive and reactive management of your cloud services environment.

Why LightEdge?

Service Delivery

  • Hardware installation
  • Hypervisor deployment
  • Network, Circuits IP/MACs
  • Capacity & Utilization

Service Resolution

  • 24x7x365 operations center
  • ITIL/ISO-based management
  • Incident management and service requests (break/fix)
  • Problem isolation & resolve


  • Network Availability & Performance
  • Hypervisor/VM & Server OS
  • Capacity & Utilization
  • Applications, ERP, CRM
  • SLA, QoS monitoring

Service Control

  • Major software/OS upgrades
  • Patch management
  • Hardware sparing
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Optimization

What is right for you?

Essentials Cloud Management packages are for organizations with existing IT staff that require assistance with OS patching and monitoring the server and network infrastructure they use at LightEdge, on-premises or at another location. Through the My LightEdge portal, customers are provided orchestration and monitoring tools to deploy and manage their resources.

Full Cloud Management packages are for organizations that wish to optimize IT staff and bandwidth. LightEdge will help with scaling infrastructure and virtual environments, provide advanced, ongoing monitoring and support to help you achieve SLA/QoS metrics. Our fully-managed experience includes guidance and best-practices application from the network through the server & Hypervisor/VM, up to the OS and your business applications.

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