Business Overview

Kemin is the science inside countless products you interact with every day. They create solutions that help strengthen your health and wellbeing.

They provide nutrition and immune support for your pets and production animals. They also safeguard the planet’s natural resources and are dedicated to reducing environmental impact— they strongly believe in protecting the global food supply chain for generations to come.

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As a manufacturer, Kemin Industries required minimal downtime (less than an hour). This exceeds traditional hot/cold disaster recovery restoration scenarios. To add complexity, they also had a heterogeneous technology environment consisting of Microsoft servers and IBM AS/400s.

Power Cloud – Managed Service

Global companies, like Kemin Industries, rely on access to their servers 24/7/365 for their users and customers around the world. It’s critical for them to maintain operations, revenue, and brand reputation at all times.

To be the leader in their market segment, Kemin has recognized that having dependable and redundant technology in place is vital. Uptime and availability is crucial, and a working disaster recovery model ensures their business can continue to operate if their production environment is rendered inoperable.


LightEdge’s IBM-certified Power Team implemented & manages an enterprise recovery solution for Kemin Industries today. Kemin’s IBM AS/400s reside in LightEdge Data Centers in Altoona, IA and Kansas City, MO, and their Microsoft servers tap into LightEdge cloud and Bare Metal solutions at both of those same facilities. LightEdge manages all of Kemin’s infrastructure and operating systems, allowing Kemin’s IT staff to redirect their focus back on supporting and managing the company’s critical applications and data.

LightEdge utilizes leading technology from Vision MIMIX for their IBM AS/400s and proven expertise from Veeam for the Microsoft server virtual machines. We manage, monitor, and execute the fail-over processes for Kemin Industries, as well. LightEdge’s fail-over test is conducted monthly, and Kemin operates their global operations on the disaster recovery systems for 3 days. LightEdge personnel, data centers, and networks are viewed as a true extension of Kemin Industries and not as a third-party company.

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