Guide to Assessing Your Move to the Cloud Whitepaper

Image of Cloud Readiness Assessment Whitepaper from LightEdgeThe advantages cloud computing offers over internal data center expansion in terms of cost, flexibility, and scalability across the organization are fairly well understood:

  • Business software users of cloud-based solutions are able to administer their own accounts and digital properties, saving valuable time and eliminating reliance on IT for these tasks.
  • IT staff gains the flexibility to spend less time on maintenance and infrastructure management and more on higher value-added projects.
  • Developers can add capacity quickly and easily, and with reduced need for capital investment as the cloud frees them from the need to purchase, configure, and maintain their own servers.
  • By taking advantage of the economies of scale that managed hosting and cloud services providers offer, businesses can reduce costs and shift a significant portion of IT costs from capital outlays to  operating expenses.

Nearly every business already uses cloud computing in some sense (Gmail, Google Docs, online storage services, etc.). Moving critical business applications to the cloud, however, is another matter. In this Guide, we’ll help you assess your move to the cloud, provide some key definitions, and offer suggestions that will help you know where to start, and what it makes sense to focus on right out of the gate.


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