Advantages of Private Cloud Hosting for HIPAA Compliance

image of HIPAA Compliant Private Clouds Whitepaper from LightEdge

Like many businesses today, healthcare organizations are rapidly adopting outsourced technologies, such as cloud-based data storage, to more effectively accomplish their IT needs. Private clouds, which utilize dedicated IT resources, have especially become favored by healthcare organizations and covered entities for their ability to address security and HIPAA compliance-related concerns.

However, a simple private cloud does not have the level of security that HIPAA compliance requires. With evolving cybersecurity threats and a changing legal landscape surrounding the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of sensitive healthcare data, it’s important your IT environment is housed in a compliant private cloud by a service provider you trust.

Our whitepaper explores the key advantages of using a private cloud for healthcare data storage and why choosing the right cloud hosting provider is essential for data security and compliance.


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