Business Overview

Renzulli Learning is a SaaS provider delivering a personalized learning environment for students worldwide. Renzulli supports strength based learning in all subjects spanning Pre-K through 12th grade. The system streamlines both the teaching and learning experience, and enables educators to easily differentiate instruction and leverage student motivation for enhanced academic performance.

Business Challenge

When COVID-19 first began to make its way through the U.S., Renzulli Learning started seeing signs of impact almost immediately.

As a result of the nationwide Spring school closures due to the pandemic, Renzulli Learning had 20x the normal users in March and April of 2020 alone. That was only the beginning.

In addition to the immediate boom in users, The Houston Independent School District (ISD), now one of Renzulli’s top clients, was anticipating about 30,000 students would need to upload projects (including 5-minute videos) that they were completing from home during the height of the crisis. They reached out to Renzulli for help.

With a tight deadline to meet for The Houston ISD, Renzulli needed a partner they could depend on to quickly deliver scalable, secure infrastructure for the unpredictable times ahead and the tens of thousands of students learning remotely.


This explosive growth and the Houston ISD initiative required Renzulli Learning to make major IT infrastructure changes in very little time.

By working hand-in-hand with LightEdge, they quickly developed a solution for enhancing their infrastructure to support unpredictable, scalable user growth securely together in a matter of weeks.

The project was such a success that they not only won The Houston ISD’s business, but were able to develop a brand-new product functionality supported by LightEdge infrastructure that is a now a key reason schools worldwide are purchasing their system.

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LightEdge Overview:

LightEdge offers a full stack of best-in-class IT services to provide flexibility, security, and control for any stage of a customer’s technology roadmap. Our solutions include premier colocation across seven purpose-built data centers spanning Des Moines, Kansas City, Austin, Omaha and Raleigh, industry-leading private Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud platforms, and the top global security and compliance measures.