As cloud technology and its users’ needs continue to evolve, hybrid cloud environments have become increasingly top of mind and important as enterprises look at optimal ways to leverage cloud technology. And while no two definitions of hybrid cloud are alike, one thing is certain: the move to cloud isn’t a matter of if, but when.

The definition of hybrid cloud means different things to different people. It can describe many deployment scenarios: an on-premise environment with connections to public cloud is probably the most common today, but there are many emerging variations. Despite its murky definition, hybrid cloud deployments are growing. In fact, Gartner Group recently reported that 90% of enterprises will operate some form on hybrid cloud by 2020.

Melanie Posey, research vice president for 451 Research, defines the new normal hybrid cloud as “a delivery model that consists of two or more distinct cloud infrastructures that remain unique entities, all coordinated by standardized technology, and integrated for seamless business delivery. Hybrid cloud is evolving to be an IT infrastructure, not just a workload specific solution.”

As enterprises explore hybrid clouds more, they’re learning that implementation of a hybrid cloud solution can be difficult. That’s why 60% of recent IDG survey respondents say defining a data center platform strategy is one of their most challenging issues. Effectively inventorying existing applications and their specific performance, security, compliance, storage, latency, and compute requirements is a significant and unchartered effort.

Introducing the LightEdge Hybrid Solution Center

The emergence of complex hybrid cloud deployments requires a different kind of partner – a partner that offers turnkey options for on-premise, colocation, and hybrid cloud planning, implementation, management and leverage. This partner will become an extension of customer’s IT organization, and a trusted advisor that can guide solutions to meet requirements both today and in the future. What separates LightEdge from other providers is our ability to architect, orchestrate, and manage customer’s hybrid cloud environments. Think of LightEdge’s Hybrid Solution Centers like a technology ecosystem: where Edge meets the backbone, public clouds meet private security, compliance is visibly tangible, and LightEdge professionals can help customers architect and integrate all components to meet specific business needs.

LightEdge provides an easy path to public cloud resources, while keeping customer’s more sensitive or compliance restricted data safe in our private cloud. Customers can keep each type of data and application in the perfect place and we’ll mange it for you. As the customer’s single point of contact, LightEdge will ensure everything is operating as it should.

The LightEdge Hybrid Solution Center offers custom solutions for customer requirements, no matter what hybrid cloud deployment model is best. Hardened and secure colocation solutions are the first step to ensuring security and compliance. We are then able to offer complete portfolio of high speed, secure, redundant local cloud services and managed gateways to public clouds. Everything we do enables hybrid cloud solutions.

Facilities and Infrastructure

  • Hardened data centers that provide physical security, natural disaster protection, and state of the art power, cooling, and management systems.
  • Geo-diverse, Tier III complaint data centers that offer intra – and inter-data center redundancy with world class security.
  • A broad range of cloud solutions that can be deployed in multi-tenant or private configurations.
  • Very high-speed connectivity between LightEdge data centers that naturally enable peak application performance, low latency, redundancy, and customer specific disaster recovery options.
  • Turnkey hybrid cloud management from a single provider that manages all aspects of hybrid cloud deployments, including 24x7x365 single contact points for hybrid cloud support, trouble shooting, and problem resolution.


  • Colocation options that range from racks to cages to private suites that offer options to easily access and consume LightEdge cloud solutions and/or public cloud resources, is and when desired.
  • Secure, scalable mobile computing solutions that enable your workforce without compromising proprietary and protected data.


  • Audited compliance to major industry standards to the level that compliance risk assumption can be assumed by LightEdge on behalf of customers.
  • Audited and controlled processes that ensure every operational action is documented and adhered to, thereby greatly minimizing the potential for human error.
  • Hardware and software resale, along with cloud software license compliance services.
  • Partnerships with national and global companies with expertise in applications, data, compute, security, and network products.


  • A world-class consulting organization with the breadth of skills to perform workload profiling, create hybrid cloud roadmaps, and optimize network setups to achieve the highest possible application performance, and the know-how to help customers configure and implement custom hybrid deployments.
  • The technical DNA to stay a step ahead of new technology on behalf of our customers.