Business Overview

Prelude Dynamics is a global provider of customized, web-based Clinical Trial Management Systems. From university research groups and single site animal health organizations, to multi-national Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and pharmaceuticals, Prelude Dynamics provides the tools and technology to easily compose, orchestrate, and perform successful clinical studies.

Prelude Dynamics’ VISION system allows users to control data, site and trial management, Electronic Data Capture (eDC), Integrated Web Response (IWR), and Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS) on a single platform to conduct their own performance and manage their studies from the ground up. By continually developing new features to enhance their software solution, Prelude Dynamics is able to outpace and outperform its competitors to assist clients in addressing new technological challenges with dynamic performance.

IT Challenge

The need for Prelude Dynamics to safely secure sensitive clinical study data at rest and in motion, was of utmost importance to the company and its customers. The ability to demonstrate these capabilities through onsite audits was, and continues to be, necessary for Prelude Dynamics to meet the industry’s evolving data storage requirements. In addition to being able to meet these audit standards and offering premier compliant facilities, Prelude Dynamics was in search of a provider who could also deliver ancillary data center services and provide onsite, in-rack support for their colocation equipment.


“In addition to providing industry-leading levels of redundancy, reliability, and availability for infrastructure, power, and bandwidth to keep their colocation environment up and running 24/7/365, Prelude Dynamics selected LightEdge for the company’s focus on high security, compliance, and hybrid solutions. “Although the data our customers work with is largely anonymized, there is still a need to maintain the availability and integrity of this information,” stated CEO Richard Tieken. “Because many of the studies conducted using our customized software solutions involve intellectual property, security is of utmost concern for our company and our clients.”

With state-of-the art data centers designed with the most advanced engineering, security, and technology for the highest availability and uptime, LightEdge specializes in deploying hybrid hosting solutions for companies with stringent security needs and highly sensitive data. LightEdge’s hybrid hosting solutions enable customers, like Prelude Dynamics, to add advanced technology to legacy colocation infrastructure through private clouds and cloud-delivered services, including managed backups, managed storage, and managed devices.

LightEdge is also able to provide an added level of support, whether it be a routine request or on-demand emergency. Experienced in building, deploying, and managing IT environments means LightEdge’s engineers are able to assist with everything from a minor server reboot to complex equipment installs and configurations. For Prelude Dynamics, this means that LightEdge can step in at a moment’s notice to assist where they need it most, inside their rack.

“LightEdge goes above and beyond the abilities of most colocation providers to assist our company with tasks like monitoring, backups, and configurations on an as-needed basis,” noted Tieken. “This provides great assurance that, if needed, we can call on their team to serve as our remote hands and keep our platform running smoothly.”

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Colocation Benefits:

As an SSAE 18 / AICPA SOC 2 certified, PCI DSS certified, and HIPAA compliant company, LightEdge embodies a culture rooted in security and compliance, which was of great importance to Prelude Dynamics given their access to and analysis of sensitive information. This certification demonstrates that LightEdge, as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, adheres to industry-wide controls that affect the security, availability, and integrity of the systems employed to process users’ data. It also acknowledges LightEdge’s ability to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the information processed by these systems.

Furthermore, LightEdge’s hybrid-enabled data centers give Prelude Dynamics the flexibility to address the needs of individual projects with the right technology while maintaining interoperability with their existing infrastructure. As a result, Prelude Dynamics can quickly and easily adapt their business strategy by taking advantage of the on-demand availability of LightEdge’s private cloud and cloud delivered services that seamlessly integrate into their legacy colocation equipment, if needed, in order to address scale and growth.