HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage and IT Solutions for Healthcare Information Security

As a healthcare provider, you’re on the forefront of quality patient care. Is your IT infrastructure providing you the same level of value?

When compared to other industries, hospitals and healthcare providers have struggled to keep up with the latest technology solutions due to HIPAA compliance regulations and security concerns. However, due to the shifting IT landscape, 80% of healthcare data will travel to the cloud by 2020. The transition away from traditional, on-site data storage is fast approaching and healthcare providers are looking for HIPAA-compliant cloud storage partners that will keep them and their patients’ data secure.

Simply put, it’s becoming increasingly uneconomical for healthcare institutions to run their own data centers due to the growing need for HIPAA-compliant cloud storage and security and IT infrastructures.

What does it mean to be a HIPAA-compliant cloud storage provider?

Being HIPAA-compliant means complying with The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. In essence, complying with HITECH standards and citations means that electronic protected health information (ePHI) is stored with:

  • confidentiality
  • integrity
  • availability

Any entity storing ePHI is held to the same HIPAA standards as the healthcare provider for:

  • risk analysis
  • administrative safeguards
  • physical safeguards
  • technical safeguards
  • ongoing due diligence

You need a data center partner that understands the healthcare industry.

Outsourcing a hospital or clinic’s information security and IT infrastructure is an important decision and transferring legacy data and applications is a sensitive task. However, outsourcing to the right third-party provider is advantageous for a number of reasons:

More Flexibility: A data center can be a costly operation, especially if it isn’t run efficiently. With medical imaging and PAC storage requirements constantly evolving, scaling up to meet new storage requirements is not an easy task for an in-house data center. Outsourcing to a third-party offers the flexibility needed to compete in an unpredictable market. You can scale-up or scale-down much faster with a third-party host than you could with an in-house data center.

Leave the complex IT to the experts: Leave the non-value add portion of your business to the IT experts so that you can utilize your internal staff most effectively. We’ll keep up with the ever-evolving IT market so you can focus on providing patient care.

Strengthen your company’s risk mitigation and compliance story, just like hundreds of other healthcare providers that have turned to LightEdge Solutions.

Data Security & Compliance

Leave the security and compliance to the experts.

When selecting an IT partner, it’s important to understand what security certifications and processes they have in place. At LightEdge, we are continuously working to stay ahead of the most vital compliance regulations in our industry, and those of our healthcare customers. We work directly with our healthcare customers throughout their audits by providing evidence to demonstrate compliance with controls that fall within LightEdge Managed Services. We are ISO 20000, ISO 27001, and SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2 & 3 certified with Data Center operations meeting stringent PCI DSS 3.2 and HIPAA compliance requirements.

Hosted Services – Outsource your IT infrastructure & business continuity

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure or business continuity can increase daily operational efficiencies. At LightEdge, we understand that you’re a healthcare expert, so allow us to take the IT and business continuity tasks off your plate. Our experts handle a wide range of technical services including:

Data Centers – Security, compliance, redundancy, and connectivity are top of mind in each of our facilities.
With geographically-dispersed data centers in Des Moines, IA; Kansas City, MO, and Omaha, NE; our data centers are the heart of our operation and yours. We offer a variety of colocation and disaster recovery solutions designed to enable operational and financial efficiency, reducing the burden on your IT staff. All LightEdge infrastructure housed within the data center is redundant for unmatched fault tolerance. All of our facilities are designed to offer N+1 redundancy on every main component, providing greater protection and security for your crucial IT operations.

Hybrid Solution Centers

The move to cloud isn’t a matter of “if,” but “when.” Cloud technology and user needs continue to evolve, and enterprises are exploring optimal ways for leveraging cloud technology to further their growth and innovation both today and for the future.

LightEdge provides an accessible path to public cloud resources while keeping more compliance-restricted customer data in our private cloud. This means you can breathe easy knowing your data is always managed responsibly and stored securely. As the customers’ single point of contact, LightEdge will ensure everything is operating efficiently to give you peace of mind.

Platform: Colocation options ranging from racks and cages to private suites, offering easy access to LightEdge cloud solutions and public cloud resources.

Process: Audited and controlled processes that surpass all major industry compliance standards, including HIPAA, and can alleviate customer risk assumption.

People: World-class consulting and engineering talent with the breadth to perform workload profiling, create hybrid cloud roadmaps, and optimize network setups to achieve the highest possible performance.

Network: Over 20 years of experience in architecting, implementing, managing, and optimizing customer networks lead to today’s multiple layers of interconnectivity inside and outside our hybrid solution centers.