Disrupted Data Center

What is cloud-based resiliency?

As part of its series on disruptive technologies in data centers, 451 Research, in partnership with LightEdge Solutions, dives into cloud-based resiliency, technologies involved, along with drivers, enablers and barriers to adoption. This informational paper gives you an opportunity to see the benefits of spreading various workloads across data centers to create a Hybrid Cloud Solution that fits your organization and your data’s exact needs.

Who is this report for?  

The Disrupted Data Center report is a must-read for business leaders that are looking at innovative and secure ways to integrate the public cloud into their technical roadmap, while still maintaining a presence on their own private cloud network.

What will I learn?

The Disrupted Data Center report will provide you with:

  • A clear definition of resiliency
  • An understanding of why scalability is critical
  • Business reasons to adopt a Hybrid Cloud Solution
  • Barriers to adoption: what to consider and how to confront

About the Author:

451 Research has more than 100 analysts deployed worldwide, each providing critical and timely insight into the competitive dynamics of innovation in emerging technology segments. 451 Research’s coverage is organized and delivered through 14 research channels that cover digital infrastructure, from edge to core.

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