May 5 - 7
Loews Sapphire Falls Resort
6601 Adventure Way Orlando, FL 32819

What to Expect From MES Spring 2019

Senior midmarket IT leaders must do more than just speak the language of business. They must be innovators who advance their organization with persuasion, engagement and trust.  By doing so, they will earn the confidence of both those inside and outside their sphere of authority and be able to exert extreme influence because they have mastered the skills of a business strategist.

With today’s businesses being built around technology, there is no better candidate to lead the organization forward than the innovative CIO who is fostering sales growth, creative marketing and customer intimacy. These individuals possess the ability to capitalize on the latest tech trends, while continually honing their business skills. MES Spring provides the platform for these innovative senior IT leaders to gather the business and technology intelligence that they need to support their companies’ evolving needs with new approaches to IT.