Why is Network So Important?

With over 20 years of expertise in network connectivity, LightEdge knows that the ultimate challenge to IT organizations today is designing and implementing a network that provides the flexibility and scale to meet tomorrow’s unpredictable demands. That is why we put such a huge emphasis on building speed and redundancy into ours. Our goal is to ensure our network is always up, always fast, and always secure for our business operations and those of our customers.

How can LightEdge Solve your Network Needs?

LightEdge provides a full spectrum of options for customers across internet and private connectivity paths.

1. Cross-data center services, redundancy, and entry points into cloud adoption and migration
  • Whether it’s on-premises, colocation, or cloud, LightEdge provides connectivity, so organizations don’t have to manage it themselves. LightEdge’s Hybrid Solution Center connectivity allows customers to profit from sophisticated networking options that eliminate single points of failure, and facilitate frictionless interconnectivity in and out of the facility. An inter-data center, high speed backbone network is a fundamental requirement for guaranteed business continuity.
2. Multiple carrier neutral access points to LightEdge Hybrid Solution Centers through Cloud Ports
  • Businesses can establish direct carrier connects to LightEdge, or they can connect through metro area carrier hotels. LightEdge has established high speed, redundant connectivity to the metro area carrier hotels in Kansas City, Des Moines, and Omaha. With the introduction of SD-WAN solutions to its portfolio, LightEdge can assist customers in establishing route-optimized networks. This requires no customer knowledge of the underlying complexity.
3. Global telecom infrastructure access from all LightEdge Hybrid Solution Centers
  • Cloud Connects offer easy access to Public Cloud resources through all Hybrid Solution Centers with dozens of public and private clouds enabled today. By leveraging LightEdge connectivity to global network providers and internet exchanges through vCore POPs, customers can easily establish optimized multi-cloud connectivity through a network overlay.
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