To Give You Some Background

Our history with network goes all the way back to 1996 when we were founded as an ISP. We spent over two decades making sure our network and infrastructure were scalable, redundant, and secure enough to meet the most challenging IT needs.

Today, we’ve narrowed in our primary focus to our Tier III data centers and compliant cloud offerings, but there’s no doubt our networking heritage still runs strong in all that we execute. All of LightEdge’s facilities and services have been designed around connectivity with proven insight from our networking experts, making us unmatched in the market.

Our Network Differentiators

We understand that your top two network priorities are:

  • Your applications are always up
  • Your applications are always fast for end users

We have built every inch of our network to promise you just that.

Our Network Benefits to You & Your Organization

  1. Performance
    • We allow you to bring your connectivity closer to your applications.
    • LightEdge cuts out the annoying latency and distance between networks.
  2. Redundancy
    • We offer Carrier Agnostic Connectivity in each of our facilities through partnerships with leading local carriers.
    • All LightEdge data centers are within close proximity to major telecommunication highways for dark fiber and lit services from top providers.
  3. Reliability & Uptime
    • LightEdge has a 100% uptime guarantee.
    • We design our Internet Peering to use diverse paths from multiple carriers in each market and purposefully bypass carrier hotels or the LEC to tie back to our other facilities. Our Private Fiber Backbone between data centers means if the internet in your entire city goes down, ours will remain up.
  4. Control
    • We are optimizing the underlying internet backbone for our customers locally, so you can be right where the internet is.
    • LightEdge gives you unmatched control and more choice when it comes to optimizing their connectivity experience.
  5. Cost Optimization
    • With the LightEdge backbone and extensive in-market connectivity, our customers can reach over 200 carriers.
    • Build diversity while controlling costs through the use of our lit carriers.
  6. SD-WAN Solution Compatibility
    • LightEdge is the perfect place to host SD-WAN controllers, given our highly diverse and optimized Internet Peering, leading compliance, and proven resiliency.
    • Our customers can colocate their own routers and SD-WAN appliances next to Cloud Services with cost-effective and predictable connectivity.
    • Learn more about what to look for in a SD-WAN Solution by downloading our whitepaper.

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We have empowered hundreds of organizations across the nation through improved latency, security, and reliability. We are ready to do the same for yours.

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