Our Network Heritage

Our expansive network history goes all the way back to 1996 when we were founded as an ISP. We spent over two decades perfecting our network and infrastructure to be the most scalable, redundant, and secure in the US. Today, LightEdge has narrowed our focus to supporting the most highly regulated organizations with our Tier III data centers and compliant cloud offerings. Although, one thing has stayed constant – everything we do is built around our unrivaled network.

Our Network Promise

We understand your top priorities when it comes to connectivity:

  1. Your applications are always up.
  2. Your applications are always fast for end users.

Have confidence that LightEdge has built every inch of our network to deliver you just that.

Our Network Differentiators

  • Redundancy
    • All LightEdge data centers have private interconnectivity between for seamless disaster recovery and regionally redundant uptime.
  • Reliability
    • LightEdge intentionally designs paths in and out of each market (both through and around carrier hotels) for always-on internet.
  • Performance
    • LightEdge removes the annoying latency and distance between networks by bringing your connectivity closer to the applications you run on with our Cloud Ports.
  • Price
    • LightEdge has already built extensive in-market and cross-market fiber paths with access to hundreds of diverse carriers to save you the time and investment.
  • Security
    • LightEdge takes our network one step further with our global compliance standards and DDoS Protection for your mission-critical workloads.

Let’s Talk

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