July 2012

Microsoft’s head is in the clouds, but for providers, that’s a good thing!

By | July 26th, 2012|Cloud Computing, Unified Communications|

  “Providers, Providers, Providers!” was the chant at Microsoft’s TechED 2012 session, and everything I have read, the webinars I have watched and the training the Redmond company is delivering, tells a simple story of Microsoft's interest in dominating the service provider space by not only delivering cost effective platform solutions, but the tools and [...]

LightEdge Engineer speaks at Puppet Labs event

By | July 24th, 2012|Company and Community|

To begin with…No – LightEdge did not send one of their engineers to learn all about puppetry this week. Rather, our engineer was asked to speak at a Puppet Camp event in Chicago, Illinois. Puppet Labs is a software development firm that created an IT automation software for system administrators. After presenting to the Linux [...]

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