Cloud & Colocation Leader Appoints Dale Dawson as VP of Product and Sergio Torres as Director of Managed Services

LightEdge, the leader in compliant cloud and colocation for more than 25 years, is adding to its product leadership team with two new hires: Dale Dawson as VP of Product and Sergio Torres as Director of Managed Services. This move coincides with LightEdge’s deepening investment in its cloud offering. The company launched the fifth generation of its cloud portfolio in October, which improved LightEdge’s underlying cloud infrastructure while also restructuring its managed services offerings.

“LightEdge is on the cusp of radical evolution,” Dawson said. “The team offers amazing services that they support top to bottom with so much raw knowledge, talent, and experience, and they’re investing in becoming a more product-led organization. This is truly an exciting and rare opportunity.”

A software engineer by trade and successful entrepreneur, Dawson is an experienced product manager and solutions architect with 20 years of expertise building high-performing teams and delivering exceptional products.

Also a trained engineer, Torres has built and supported products as a software engineer and enterprise architect for two decades.

“With LightEdge’s agile, customer-focused culture, the innovation wheel moves very fast,” Torres said. “LightEdge has excelled in delivering for the customer, and the product team is planning to build on that success by offering more consulting and enablement packages to round out our managed services portfolio.”

Both Dawson and Torres are based in Austin, where LightEdge owns and operates two data centers. Founded in 1996, the company now operates 11 data centers across the Midwest, Texas, and the Southwest.