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LightEdge is an enterprise-grade cloud services, colocation and consulting company focused on the needs of businesses and their critical IT requirements.


Service Offerings

We are simplifying the way companies acquire, deploy and leverage technology by offering an expansive portfolio of solutions, and the consulting expertise to ensure we are aligned with your business and IT objectives. Learn more about some of our core service offerings:

Businesses trust us with their IT infrastructure, systems and applications. Our data centers are best-in-class when it comes to power, connectivity, cooling, security, monitoring, and redundancy.
We provide a broad spectrum of backup, replication, and disaster recovery solutions to meet every operational, financial and compliance requirement to ensure uninterrupted availability of your IT.
We offer a choice of multi-tenant, private & hybrid cloud solutions to meet the varied requirements of your application workloads. From initial migration to full deployment, we can accommodate your evolving needs.
We accelerate the deployment and management of technology infrastructures to meet your unique business needs. We do it all, from assessment services and infrastructure implementations, to backup and continuity solutions.
Business Continuity
Your technology, always available.

The uninterrupted availability of IT is essential to the livelihood of every company, large or small. All elements depend on the reliability of your technology to deliver vital information right when you need it.

Competitive IT practices now require the blending of physical with virtual, and on-premises with colocation and cloud. All of this must also strike a balance with Public Cloud services, without ever losing sight of vital application and data security.

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Business continuity