The process of choosing a colocation provider can be daunting and a big decision. It is important to weigh all options and make sure the provider meets the needs of your organization. While the list of criteria to consider is not definitive, it is important to keep the following top of mind:



Redundancy, redundancy, REDUNDANCY! Colocation is more than a safe house to keep all of your information secure. It is important for your colocation provider to have highly redundant and reliable network connectivity. Without it, your IT performance will suffer the consequences. 100% uptime is the goal for any organization, so make sure there is diversity within carriers in your provider’s facility to ensure reliable connectivity when making a decision.


If your organization is subject to regulatory requirements, such as those specified by HIPAA/HITRUST, PCI DSS, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27000, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3, or others, make sure any prospective colocation provider can help you meet them.

While your organization is ultimately responsible for remaining compliant, many of the security controls and audits employed by a colocation provider can help lessen the burden for you. Give priority to providers that undergo independent audits by third parties.



Security is one of the most important conditions to consider when looking for a data center provider. All colocation providers have security. What criteria can set a location a part from the rest? When it comes to security, look for these things in your provider:

Secure Physical Location: Outside of a flood plain, outside of airport landing paths, physical barrier protection, natural disaster proof

Secure Check-In: Verify identity of any visitor with government-issued ID check, key card, pin and biometrics

Secure Tools: Video surveillance with archival periods, multi-factor authentication checkpoints in mantraps, badge and keycard access, cabinet combo locks, etc.

Secure Staff: Around the clock support with 24x7x365 with trained security professionals, assess management controls, internal threat protocols and protection


Let LightEdge Be Your Colocation Provider

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