Audited, Compliant Services

Strengthen your company’s risk mitigation and compliance story with LightEdge’s Managed Security services. With access to LightEdge’s people, processes, and technology, you can reduce vulnerabilities, eliminate blind spots in your security strategy, and quickly respond to security threats when they occur.

LightEdge works collaboratively with our customers to ensure all services align with their security and compliance requirements and are suitable for use under strict regulatory guidelines, such as:

           ISO 27001 certified by Schellman    ISO 20000-1 Certified by Schellman           



Access Controls

LightEdge access controls ensure that only authorized personnel required to support the environment and network infrastructure are allowed access to your systems.

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • 24/7/365 staffed Network Operations Center
  • ISO-compliant configuration & inventory management (CMDB)

Load Balancing & Web Application Firewalling

Load balancing optimizes the distribution of workloads to maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overloading any computing resource. Web application firewalling identifies application-specific exploits missed by traditional firewalling techniques.

  • Industry-leading Citrix NetScaler
  • Quickly scalable & virtualized Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • End user desktop & app delivery over encrypted SSL sessions

Next Generation Firewalling

Network firewalls are your first line of defense against security threats, improving your ability to control traffic, applications, and users. Our talented engineers will work with you to define firewall rules and policies that permit or deny network traffic based on security, compliance, and business needs.

  • Industry-leading Fortinet firewalling
  • Integrated IDS/IPS, AV/malware & URL filtering
  • High performance, data center-oriented architecture
  • Physical & virtual, redundant options
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant IPSEC & SSL VPNs
  • Token-based & MFA authentication options

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Our security information and event management (SIEM) platform, powered by QRadar, collects and analyzes data from multiple sources to provide actionable insights so you can mitigate risks and speed up your incident response.

  • Provides 24/7/365 network security and proactive alerts on emerging threats, and recommend security policy changes to allow you to best optimize staff resources.
  • Increased visibility with a centralized IT operations and monitoring platform
  • Integrates LightEdge’s Colocation, Cloud, and managed hosting environments
  • Reporting and data archival that meets compliance standards
  • Developed & backed by IBM security labs

24/7/365 Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC)

Detect, mitigate, and remediate risks with real-time insights from our virtual security operations center (vSOC). LightEdge vSOC monitors and assesses incoming cyber security threats 24/7/365, alleviating the strain on your employees and budgets.

  • In partnership with CarbonHelix, a top IBM SOC/SIEM partner
  • Staffed in U.S. by analysts with top security clearance
  • Analysts provide interpretation & advice on security events generated by SIEM

Compliance and Security Resources

See Whitepapers and Case Studies to help keep your business protected and compliant.

File Integrity Monitoring

Our file integrity monitoring solution monitors changes to registry settings, folders and files in real-time to alert for unauthorized or suspicious changes. The centralized dashboard offers visibility into if and when there’s a change, who performed the action, and what can be done to restore the files if a modification was unauthorized.

Malware Protection

Malware protection is critical in keeping systems, applications, and data secure from today’s ever changing threats. Our advanced anti-virus and anti-malware solution detects and removes malware, viruses, spyware and Trojans in real-time to safeguard your infrastructure and data from malicious activity.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of protection by requiring two independent authentication factors to validate remote users and prevent unauthorized access. Our convenient software-based tokens are easy to use.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

LightEdge intrusion detection & prevention offers fully managed, 24/7 threat management to identify and contain network threats.

  • Integrated capability with managed firewalls
  • 24/7/365 SOC monitoring & response

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management protects computer systems and critical applications by performing in-depth inspections of systems to identify security weaknesses.

  • Regularly scheduled vulnerability scanning (IBM QRadar)
  • Automated mitigation & patching (IBM BigFix)
  • Audit-ready compliance reports

Data Encryption

Leverage LightEdge’s data encryption services to ensure that your data is protected no matter where it’s processed or stored.

  • Data at rest encryption on all storage (hardware-based, AES 256-bit)
  • Centralized access control, granular auditing, and encryption key management for customers
  • Encryption of data at rest & in transit
  • Hardware, file, and image-level backup and DR

Trust, validation, compliance and assistance

Improve your risk mitigation and compliance story with LightEdge’s technology, people, and processes to expand your IT security team’s capabilities. Contact us today to get a free quote.