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Security is a top concern when choosing a data center partner. Apart from industry-specific compliance certifications, how can you be sure you’re getting top-notch security for your sensitive assets?

Our mutual goal is to protect the integrity, availability and confidentiality of your critical data. The information security management system (ISMS) supporting our Colocation, managed, and hosted services are ISO 27001 certified by Schellman & Company, LLC, so you can rest easy that LightEdge upholds the highest standards in security.

What is ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 was developed to provide guidance on implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving an information security management system (ISMS). ISO 27001 is technology-neutral and uses a risk-based approach. The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, and its accompanying standard, ISO/IEC 27002:2013 contain 14 control objectives in addition to the management framework required to achieve certification. The 14 control objectives include:

  1. Information Security Policies
  2. Organization of Information Security
  3. Human Resources Security
  4. Asset Management
  5. Access Control
  6. Cryptography
  7. Physical & Environmental Security
  8. Operations Security
  9. Communications Security
  10. System Acquisition, Development & Maintenance
  11. Supplier Relationships
  12. Information Security Incident Management
  13. Information Security Aspects of Business Continuity Management
  14. Compliance

What does it mean to be ISO 27001 Certified?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized Information Security Management framework. Certification requires:

  • A mature risk assessment and treatment program
  • An internal audit and management review process to ensure continuous monitoring and improvement
  • Effective security awareness training
  • Continual improvement initiatives
  • A comprehensive set of security controls.

Obtaining the ISO/IEC 27001 certification involves a multi-stage security audit, including an initial review of the company’s ISMS, followed by an in-depth, formal audit of the company’s ISMS and controls supporting the 14 control objectives and related controls referenced in Annex A. Additionally, the company must complete an annual surveillance review / audit to confirm that the organization maintains compliance with the Standard and demonstrates continual improvement in their ISMS and related controls.

Our ISO 27001 process strives to improve the quality of your service by reducing risk and increasing efficiencies.

Strengthen your company’s risk mitigation

LightEdge’s Colocation, managed and hosted services offer:

  • More Flexibility: LightEdge offers the flexibility you need to compete in an unpredictable market, allowing you to scale securely, predictably, and cost-effectively.
  • Leave the complex IT to the experts: Keeping up with an ever-evolving IT landscape can be time consuming. Leave that to LightEdge’s IT experts so that you can use your internal staff more effectively and focus on your business strategy.
  • Staying Compliant: LightEdge stays up-to-date on the most vital compliance regulations in our industry and those of our customers.

Our ISO 27001 process strives to improve the quality of your service by reducing risk and increasing efficiencies.

LightEdge Cloud Hosting and IT Services

Choose the control you want with the data isolation you need with our colocation or Cloud Hosting Solutions. Our ISO 27001 process strives to improve the quality of your service by reducing risk and increasing efficiencies. LightEdge’s world-class, Tier III compliant data center facilities and talented engineers are ready to accommodate your business’s cloud hosting requirements. Choose among:

Colocation Services

Our colocation facilities are designed for high-density cloud computing environments and are scalable from a single rack to 10,000-square-foot suites. Our facilities are backed by 24/7/365 remote hands technical support for tactical response and interconnected with an advanced network backbone to deliver unrivaled uptime.

*The scope of LightEdge’s services and compliance responsibilities will be determined prior to entering an agreement.

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