By Kurt Marko InformationWeek

February 05, 2011 12:00 AM

Handling double-digit data growth rates with single-digit budget increases is the lot of most CIOs, according to our third annual InformationWeek Analytics State of Enterprise Storage Survey. The amount of data we’re actively managing continues to expand at around 20% per year, and we see a long tail of besieged IT staffs dealing with growth rates exceeding 50%. At these levels, most data centers will double storage capacity every two to three years. While nearly every company’s data is growing, their IT budgets aren’t always: 55% expect their IT spending to rise this year, 18% are cutting, and 26% expect it to be flat, our InformationWeek Analytics Outlook 2011 Survey finds.
What’s standing between us and the vortex of doom? In a word, consolidation. We’re talking the continued evolution of high-density magnetic media. Bigger, faster, and less expensive solid-state drives. Virtualization to ease management of aggregated storage pools that use available capacity more efficiently. Optimization technologies like data reduction, thin provisioning, and automatic tiering. Moving to a consolidated data/storage network won’t hurt, either.