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infrastructure optimization

Optimize Your IT Infrastructure

Consolidate, optimize, and integrate your mission-critical infrastructure to maximize performance and minimize costs.



Your IT infrastructure is the critical engine that runs your business. It empowers users and supports the essential applications that enable your day-to-day operations.

By ensuring an efficient, cost-effective and secure IT infrastructure, your applications run flawlessly, your data is highly protected, and you avoid the scourge of downtime.

Let our highly skilled team of experts advise on how to optimize your IT infrastructure so you can grow with your business, integrate innovations, and boost your business performance.

  • Smarter IT Investments
  • Greater Efficiencies
  • Improved Operations


Get a Customized Blueprint for Optimization Success

LightEdge provides performance, management, and support where IT departments need it most.

By taking a consultative approach – assessing the current state of your infrastructure and identifying strengths and weaknesses – we create a customized blueprint of platforms, applications and processes that meet your current and future needs.

We’ll help you right-size your IT investments to maximize performance and minimize costs.

Optimize Your Business Capital

Don’t let huge hardware costs drain your capital. Download our CAPEX vs. OPEX resource guide and transform your business outlook.


Do More With Your Capital

Cloud and data centers require an abundance of capital investments – especially when businesses do it themselves.

Move to an OpEx model for your infrastructure so you can reallocate your capital towards projects that make your business more competitive. 

By partnering with LightEdge, infrastructure costs shift to a monthly, predictable operating expense with guaranteed performance and security. We deliver IT at scale and more cost-effectively than if you go it alone.

Our team can serve as your single point of accountability, ensuring that your IT investments operate at peak performance.


Benefits of optimization

Improve IT Efficiencies

Optimize mission-critical infrastructure to enhance productivity and achieve faster results.

Get Additional Talent On-Demand

Full-stack expertise supplements your in-house talent – as much as you need.

Future-Proof Your Solutions

Solutions are designed to grow with your business and integrate the latest innovations.

Right-Size Costs

Maximize revenue and cut expenses by enabling your IT infrastructure to work smarter and more efficiently.

Reinvest Capital

Put your dollars toward innovative projects instead of IT capital expense.

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance and spend less time meeting lengthy auditor requests and RFIs.

Guide to Transformation

Speak to a LightEdge Expert

Reduce the complexity of modernization. Optimize your resources and costs. Trust that your digital infrastructure is secure and compliant.