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Why Lightedge?



Our mission is clear: to create and capture opportunities for our clients through the right solutions targeting the right problems. Our focus always stays on our clients, so their focus can stay on their clients, not their servers.

For nearly three decades, LightEdge has been the leader in compliant cloud and colocation services delivered locally with 24/7 support from real people. With a compliance certification record second to none and the most scalable, redundant, and secure network in the U.S., we’re known for our above-and-beyond security and compliance. Throughout the years, we’ve grown and evolved into one of the leading hybrid and multi-cloud managed services providers in the country.

Our origins date back to 1996, when the company was founded as the Midwest’s premier internet service provider out of Des Moines, Iowa. Today, we own & operate 12 Tier III data centers, delivering our cloud, colocation, connectivity, and managed services to 1,300+ clients across the most strictly regulated industries. Our 300+ employees spanning the U.S. are some of the world’s leading data center and cloud engineers, customer support experts, and corporate strategists.

In 2021, GI Partners — a leading U.S.-based private equity and real estate fund manager — selected LightEdge as the platform data center and cloud service provider for its investments. Since then, we’ve acquired two companies, added four data centers, expanded our network capacity 10-fold, and upgraded our cloud portfolio.

Customer Churn? Never Heard Of It


Throughout our constant evolution, one thing stays the same — everything we do is built around our customers’ success. Of all the metrics we track, we’re most proud of our incredibly low customer churn rate, which clocks in at less than 1 percent!

From regional banks to global manufacturers, we’ve supported thousands of clients across a wide
spectrum of industries. Our technologies fuel our clients’ digital initiatives, allowing them to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics. We ensure that their infrastructure never weighs them down.

Our Promise to our customers

  • We will always put you first.
  • We will make sure you always get value from our technology.
  • We will always be here when you need to pivot.
  • We’re your partner. You’re not buying a product, you’re hiring a team.

Why Lightedge?

the lightedge difference

Support from Real People, 24/7

When you work with LightEdge, you’re backed by the world’s leading data center and cloud engineers. And we’re talking about real people, 24/7. While we provide always-available resources such as knowledge base articles, we understand that sometimes, you just need to talk to a real person. Our implementation specialists will help make our cloud your home, and our support team is here 24/7/365 to make sure you are always able to get the help you need.

Full-Service Networking Without Surprise Billing

No data egress fees, no per-IP costs, no nickel-and-diming. Clear, predictable bandwidth pricing, managed and dedicated Next-Gen firewalls, and load balancers provide the security, flexibility, redundancy, and resiliency you need without headaches. Plus, our cloud offers built-in cost savings measures, so you can enjoy the benefits of the public cloud without the sticker shock.

Second-to-None Compliance & Security

With LightEdge, the highest physical security and cyber defense standards protect your IT assets around the clock. Our services are designed to help you meet or surpass world-class compliance regulations. All backed by the most scalable, redundant, and secure network in the U.S. — a network we’ve spent more than 25 years perfecting.

A Customized, Flexible Approach with Full Visibility

Control, agility, and visibility matter to the top IT leaders in highly regulated industries, and that’s who we serve. Want to hand over the reins to a trusted data center and cloud team? Great, we’ve got you covered, and we’ll ensure you always know what’s going on with your digital infrastructure. More interested in leading the strategy and calling the plays, while leaning on LightEdge for support? We’re here for that, too! Either way, three facts will remain — 1. Your LightEdge solutions will be specific to your needs, addressing the root causes of any IT challenges. 2. You will always be able to immediately see and report on the latest updates within your own network. 3. Your solutions will be future proof, scaling with you as you grow.

LightEdge Leadership

Meet our executive team

Jim Masterson, Chief Executive Officer

Jim Masterson

Chief Executive Officer

Rob Carter

Chief Operating Officer

Jody Gehl

VP of Human Resources

Sean Stenger

Chief Revenue Officer

Michael Hannan

Chief Information Officer

Jeff Dorr

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Biegacki

Chief Marketing Officer

Rachel Fisher

VP of Revenue Operations

Leland Mankin

VP of Operations


Our ESG Commitments

At LightEdge, we know that stronger environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives make a stronger company. Our enterprise-grade, sustainable data centers and a diverse team of 300 employees enable us to make a positive impact for our customers, our workforce, and our communities. Our commitment to being a responsible enterprise is evident through these three pillars:

Environmental Impact

We strive to reduce our environmental impact through sustainable infrastructure that optimizes energy efficiency while minimizing power usage, water, and waste.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We foster a culture of innovation and inclusion through DEI initiatives that invite the best to join our team and allow them to attain their full potential.

Local Communities

We invest in our local communities through purposeful programs and engagements that connect people and drive social impact.

Work at lightedge

build a career with us

LightEdge Solutions offers employees a unique and fun work environment. We remain on the cutting edge of technological advancements and our fast pace atmosphere reflects this.

Once you join the LightEdge team, you’ll be proud to call yourself a member of a group of people who are dedicated to achieving the highest standard of excellence in our field every day.