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Protect your business

Uninterrupted Business Operations

Defeat downtime, data loss, and disasters with secure and resilient infrastructure.

Protect your business


Your business relies on its technical infrastructure to run. Ransomware, DDoS threats, network outages, equipment failure, human error, and data loss can place everything in jeopardy and lead to lost revenue, decreased productivity, and damage to brand reputation.

  • Proactive Disaster Avoidance
  • Protection from Data Loss
  • Reduced Risk & Vulnerabilities

Protect your business

Maintain Business Continuity & Uphold Compliance With Data Defense Strategies

Ensure your business is always protected, available, and compliant with LightEdge’s fully integrated IT disaster recovery, data protection, managed recovery, and compliance-as-a-service solutions. Unplanned outages and critical data loss become a thing of the past with our automated backups, swift and efficient data recovery services, resilient network, and robust encryption methods.

LightEdge has partnered with Zerto to provide real-time insights into the potential consequences for your business in the event of downtime.

Be Confident in Your Data Security With Our Backup-as-a-Service & Cloud Recovery

From ensuring compliance to enabling data protection, our Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution empowers your organization to focus on innovation and growth without the constant worry of data loss. Swiftly recover your protected data with LightEdge Cloud Recovery and partner with us to secure your digital future.

Managed Data Protection & Business Continuity Services


LightEdge Cloud Recovery

Ensure quick recovery and business continuity with multiple levels of redundancy and full replication to another site, keeping your business resilient and running.


Data Protection

Enhance your data protection with our integrated, secure, backup services. Safeguard your mission-critical data & applications against corruption, compromise, and loss should a disaster strike.


Veeam Office 365 Backup

Protect your company’s emails, contacts, calendars, OneDrive files, and SharePoint data with our Backup for Microsoft 365 powered by Veeam.




Boost data security and regulatory compliance with our unmatched compliance-as-a-service. Our experts fortify defenses, manage risks proactively, and protect your digital assets with audited processes, security, & controls.


Cloud Monitoring & Management

Trust your platforms stay online and secure with our cloud monitoring and management services. Our engineers provide continuous oversight, swiftly resolve issues, and offer a real-time view of your cloud operations.


LightEdge Internet

Experience the pinnacle of connectivity with LightEdge’s blended internet. Our high performance network provides advanced redundancies, unmatched security, reliability and our 100% uptime guarantee. Connect seamlessly to major providers and cloud platforms worldwide.


If you’d like to learn more about how our Managed IT Services can help your organization optimize IT efficiencies, ensure uninterrupted performance, and maximize business strategies, contact us here.

Gain Reliability
Disaster recovery solutions deployed from LightEdge’s state-of-the-art data centers in geographically stable locations, on separate power grids.
Flexible solutions that address your specific IT infrastructure requirements and scale according to your evolving business needs.

Keep your mission-critical systems and data safe from bad actors and environmental risk.

Onsite IT support from certified engineers. Consider us a remote extension of your IT department.

Get our guide to readiness

If you wait, it’s too late. Three out of four companies are unprepared for a cloud disaster. Get ahead of disaster by using our guide.

Client Testimonials

LightEdge Cloud Recovery Case Study


  • Business Defense Strategy


“This was a very large step forward for Iowa Select Farms, and I am very satisfied with the outcome. We now have two rock solid data centers that perform at high levels and replicate to each other between the Altoona data center and our Iowa Falls office.”

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Reduce the complexity of modernization. Optimize your resources and costs. Trust that your digital infrastructure is secure and compliant.