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cloud migration services

Seamless cloud migration

Unlock the potential of the cloud with enhanced agility, scalability, and operational efficiency.

cloud migration services

Secure migration to the cloud Without the Headache

We understand the complexity of migrating and managing the cloud. Our 300+ employees are among the world’s leading cloud and data center engineers that will help you avoid the pitfalls.

  • Our cloud architects have designed and led hundreds of clients through our cloud migration strategy.
  • We provide extensive compliance certifications to meet your regulatory needs

Lift and Shift: From regional banks to global manufacturers, we’ve completed a migration plan for hundreds of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, end to end. 


Cloud Made Simple

Our full-service enterprise cloud provides a scalable, efficient, and secure solution while saving our clients the time and money of trying to force everything to work with the huge hyperscalers.

You get the extensive advantages and capabilities of an enterprise cloud without the problems.


A Unified Cloud Platform Crafted for Today’s Business Needs

Whether you want multi-tenant cloud, dedicated private cloud or hybrid cloud, each is available through our carefully crafted cloud strategy.

Clients can easily: 

  • Segregate sensitive information into a private cloud
  • Keep day-to-day workloads and applications in the cloud
  • Enjoy the seamless experience of partnering with one provider
We also offer Bare Metal and IBM i Cloud services to meet a full spectrum of business needs.

the cloud purpose built for your organization

LightEdge is changing the way you think about public cloud, offering the agility and flexibility you demand, allowing you to seamlessly migrate your workloads.

cloud migration services

Cloud Monitoring & Management

Feel confident and at ease with our cloud monitoring and management services. Our expert team will ensure your systems are always on, reliable, and compliant with our continuous surveillance that alerts all stakeholders and quickly resolves any issues.

You’ll get an accurate picture of your cloud operations 24/7, while freeing up your team to focus on top strategic objectives and other priorities.


Advanced Security, 100% Uptime & a Second-to-None Network

Ensure uninterrupted performance of IT operations and your cloud systems with our 100% uptime guarantee, high-level security, and technical expertise.

You’ll enjoy robust, fast, and unmatched connectivity with our scalable, redundant, and secure network, offering the convenience of local delivery with the expansive reach of global connectivity.

Know your Data is Secure With Our Backup-as-a-Service

Rest assured in the security of your data with our robust Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution. Our team of experts provides continual monitoring to ensure data integrity across cloud environments, including multi-cloud and hybrid setups. Add confidence to your data’s protection.


Benefits of LightEdge Cloud Services

  • End-to-end management by leading data center and cloud engineers trained to identify and address the root of IT challenges.
  • Spend optimization with consistent, transparent pricing and zero technical debt (no data egress fees, per-IP costs, or surprise billing either).
  • Full visibility so customers can easily observe and monitor their managed cloud.
  • Enhanced visibility and security — including microsegmentation, virtual firewall, built-in DDoS protection, and load balancing capabilities.
  • All backed by the most scalable, redundant, and secure network in the U.S. — a network LightEdge has spent more than 25 years perfecting.

Guide to Transformation

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Reduce the complexity of modernization. Optimize your resources and costs. Trust that your digital infrastructure is secure and compliant.